Are you looking for a legitimate way to work from home in Bangladesh? The advent of internet communication technology has created lucrative opportunities for online outsourcing jobs in BD for students, and people of any age/profession. If you have any special skill like writing, graphic design, programming, etc., you can sell this talent through online freelancing market places and earn money sitting at home.

In this article we are going to introduce you with some renowned online freelancing platforms for international people where you can open free account and earn handsome amount per month living in Bangladesh. Stay with us!

Best International Online Outsourcing Marketplace:

Today many outsourcing platforms are available online. However, not all platforms can offer you reliable and transparent service. In this section, we will highlight upon some prominent online outsourcing marketplaces where you can work from Bangladesh.


Upwork ( is the largest online outsourcing platform for international freelancers. Upwork is widely popular among freelance job seekers worldwide for its reliable payment transaction system, professionalism, neutral monitoring system, diverse job categories, etc.

What Kind of Jobs are Available at Upwork?

Upwork is a vast ocean of diverse jobs for all sectors. The popular job categories include: Content Writing, Technical Writing, Copywriting, Android Development, Game Designing, Web Designing, Web Development, Graphic Designing, Web Programming, SEO Expertise, Software Programming, Virtual Assistance, Social Media Manager, Bookkeeping, etc. Each category has further subcategories for specialized jobs.

What Kind Skills Do You Require to Work at Upwork?

You don't need to have lots of skills to work at Upwork. Be a 'pro' in any sector like PHP Framework Programming, or Writing Articles/ Book or SEO or Designing Logo or Serving as a Virtual Assistant to rule in a specific job category in Upwork. If you have passion for any specific type of skill, you can look for a job in that specific category.

How Much Can You Earn from Upwork?

According to the policy of Upwork, earning starts from a minimum $3 per hour. However, the expert freelancers from Bangladesh demand $20 to $60 or more per hour depending on the experience and skill.

How to Withdraw Fund from Upwork?

You can transfer your earned credit from Upwork to any local bank of Bangladesh with a nominal charge of 99 cents per withdrawal. Money transfer facility is also available through Payoneer Master Card for Bangladeshi freelancers.


- Wide numbers of jobs are available.

- Quick payment transfer system through any local bank in Bangladesh.

- Bank Withdrawal charge is very low compared with other online outsourcing platforms.

- High competition makes it hard for the newbies to get a job.


- At present Upwork opts for a crucial process for account approval.

- Credits are required for applying for a job, which is difficult for novice freelancers.

- Many people apply for one job, so it is highly competitive to get hired.


Fiverr ( is another trusted online outsourcing website for Bangladeshi freelancers. Unlike Upwork, Fiverr has less complex process for account approval, which is certainly a great advantage for the new freelancers.

What Kind of Jobs are Available at Fiverr?

You can create gigs and offer services for a specific price. The gigs are published under some categories. Most popular categories are Writing, graphic designing, Digital Marketing, Programming, Making Video Animation, Programming, etc.

What Kind Skills Do You Require to Work at Fiverr?

Fiverr is a great platform for Bangladeshi freelancers to work from home and earn money. If you have any skills like creative or technical writing, creating software, making videos or animation, designing logo, doing online marketing like social media campaign, etc., you can get hired on Fiverr.

How Much Can You Earn from Fiverr?

In Fiverr you can offer a gig starting $5 or $10 at minimum. In these low budget gigs, you can offer some basic level services which can be done within 15 to 30 minutes. The experienced Freelancers usually offer gigs ranging from $20 to $300 or more for medium to expert level jobs, like website development.

How to Withdraw Fund from Fiverr?

You can withdraw money from Fiverr through several options, like Payoneer Master Card, or Fiverr Revenue Card or Bank. If you choose local Bank Transfer, the minimal withdrawal amount is $20. Each time withdrawal cost is $3.


- Easy to get jobs for beginners.

- You don't need to apply for jobs. Create an attractive Gig and get hired.

- Low Bank Withdrawal Charge.


- Comparing with Upwork the payment is less.

- Fiverr charges 20% commission which is quite high for low-budget gigs.

People Per Hour (PPH)

People Per Hour ( is another leading online marketplace where people can work and earn money living anywhere on earth. The specialty of this PPH platform is, here you can work both hourly basis and for fixed-price projects.

What Kind of Jobs are Available at PeoplePerHour?

Most popular jobs are Admin, creative Art, Business Support, Design, Marketing, Mobile, Search Marketing, Social Media, Software Development, Writing, Translation, Video, Audio, Web Development, etc.

What Kind Skills Do You Require to Work at PeoplePerHour?

You can work at PPH, if you have any expertise at writing, illustrator, PSD to HTML Coding, email marketing, B2B Lead Generation, professional web design, mobile apps development, logo design, etc.

How Much Can You Earn from PPH?

For hourly rate you can ask for $5 at minimum for basic level works at any category. Usually, the skilled freelancers from Bangladesh claim $20 per hour depending on their level of expertise.

For fixed price projects the price depends on the list of services you are going to provide under your proposal. For instance, you can ask for $500 for SEO service of any website with an additional list of add-on services. If a buyer purchases your project and wants those extra services, then the budget of your project will increase eventually.

PPH takes 20% commission, when you earn $700 for less for any project. Commission is 7.5% for earning range of $700 to $7000. The rate of commission is reduced at 3.5% for earning over $7000 under any project.

How to Withdraw Fund from PPH?

You can withdraw fund from PPH to your local bank account or Payoneer master card. If you want to transfer fund to any scheduled bank account in Bangladesh, PPH will charge $30; whereas fund transfer cost to Payoneer credit card is only $3.


- Easy to get jobs for beginners.

- You can earn money at hourly rate or fixed price projects.

- PPH Commission rate is low (3.5% to 7.5%) for big budget projects.


- Commission rate is high for low budget projects.

- For small budget (below $700) projects, PPH charges 20% commission which is quite high.


If you have the talent of designing html templates, website themes, PSD templates, etc., then Themeforest ( can be an ideal place to sell your talent. Themeforest is a part of Envato market, where people can buy digital assets like web template, stock photos, stock videos, Graphic Templates, Music Tracs, etc.

What Kind of Jobs are Available at Themeforest?

Unlike other outsourcing platforms, Envato (Themeforest) market allows you to sell your ready products. Themeforst is a trusted international platform for selling online products like html templates, landing pages, web themes, web templates, etc. If your product gets approved by Themeforst you can sell it for unlimited times.

What Kind Skills Do You Require to Work at Themeforest?

If you are a Pro in html coding, theme development, software development, app design, or Graphic design and have creative mind to build and sell your own product, you can submit your product at Themeforest. Here you can work as your own boss.

How Much Can You Earn from Themeforest?

The price varies depending on the type of product you are selling. For instance, you can ask $10 for a web template and sell this template to numerous buyers for unlimited times. When you sell a product as a non-executive author, Envato will charge 55% as commission. For executive authors, the fee ranges from 12.5% to 37.5% depending on how many items you can sell.

How to Withdraw Fund from Envato (Themeforst)?

You can withdraw fund from Themeforest to your Payoneer Master Card or local bank account. However, minimal withdrawal amount is $500 for bank and $50 for Payoneer.


In the other freelancing platforms nearly hundred applications are placed against one job circular. But in Themeforest, You can work like independently. You made your product. Get approved. Take commission after sales.


Themeforest maintains a very high standard for approving any product for selling. It requires painstaking efforts to enter Themeforest as an Author.

Best BD Online Outsourcing Market Place:

There are a few online outsourcing websites in BD where freelancers from Bangladesh can easily find jobs and get paid.


Belancer ( is the first online outsourcing marketplace of Bangladesh. Here the clients publish circulars for specific jobs. And the freelancers bid on those jobs depending on their respective skills.

What Kind of Jobs are Available at Belancer?

In this online marketplace the skilled Bangladeshi freelancers can find jobs in several categories including, web, mobile and software development, design, multimedia, writing, translation, data analysis, architecture, etc.

What Kind Skills Do You Require to Work at Belancer?

You can work at Belancer, if you have any precise skill like web research, data analysis, logo design, programming, writing articles for websites/blogs, video making or editing, online marketing, lead generation, etc.

How Much You Can Earn at Belancer?

Though earning may start from 100 BDT for micro level projects, you can earn minimum 30,000 BDT for big projects in Belancer.

How to Withdraw Fund from Belancer?

You can withdraw fund from Belancer through Bkash or Bank Transfer. You can transfer minimum 2000 BDT to your local bank account and the system will charge 5% as service fee. You can also take cash payment from Belancer office in Bangladesh.


- Low Competition compared with Upwork and other renowned freelancing platforms.

- Easy to find job for beginner level freelancers.


- Earning is less than international freelancing platforms.

- Quantity of available jobs is comparatively lesser than international freelancing platforms.

Outsource My Job (OBJ)

Outsource My Job ( is a freelancing platform which has been developed especially targeting the freelance specialists from Bangladesh. Here Bangladeshi as well as international freelancers can work on diverse projects.

What Kind of Jobs are Available at OBJ?

In this freelancing platform you can find jobs in diverse sectors, like web development, content writing, mobile app development, social media marketing, SEO, admin assistance, graphic design, etc.

What Kind Skills Do You Require to Work at OBJ?

You can work here, if you have any precise skill like writing, graphic design, web page design, apps development, lead generation, customer care assistance, video editing, animation, etc.

How Much Can You Earn from OBJ?

In this platform buyers submit projects with budget. As a freelancer, you have to bid for projects under your chosen category. The buyer will take online interviews and hire the most deserving candidate.

How to Withdraw Fund from OBJ?

You can withdraw money through local bank. However, this platform charges about 40% of the withdrawal amount, which is extremely high compared with international marketplaces.


- Low Competition.

- Easy to find jobs for newbie freelancers.


- Earning is less than international outsourcing marketplaces.

- Bank withdrawal fee is exorbitant compared with other local and international marketplaces.

How to Open Account on Freelancing Websites

You can easily open an account on these freelancing platforms by signing in through email. You need to complete your profile. You can use national ID, Passport or Driving License, as a proof of your identity. Some platforms like Upwork offer some skill tests. Taking those tests you can prove yourself as a deserving candidate for your required job.

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