It seems coronavirus is not going away anytime soon from our life. And the second wave already hit Bangladesh. This time the new variations of COVID-19 are much more deadly than the last year. Hence Bangladeshi government was forced to call for another lockdown like the previous year. The government has issued new directives to implement during the lockdown period for the next seven days.

Staying at home without being accessible to the open air is not satisfying for some people, while it is enjoyable for some. But the ultimate truth is, 'lockdown is a necessity not a luxury.' Here we have explained a proper guideline to cope with the lockdown and stay home safely.

Reliable Sources for COVID-19 Updates in Bangladesh

With the vast availability of smartphones along with the internet, access information circulates so quickly. Therefore, it becomes hard to tell which news is true. With the wrong or fake news, it is easy to get scared. But, getting the real news is highly essential.

Currently, government-issued circulations are the only trustworthy source to ger the real information about coronavirus in Bangladesh. You may visit to access the latest and reliable information. Besides, information from the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) is also counted as reliable. However, if you want to get updates on other parts of the world, you can check the World Health Organization.

COVID-19 Lockdown Do's and Don'ts

Stay home! This is the ultimate goal of lockdown. There is no point in giving lockdown if you don't stay at home. However, you can go outside for emergency purposes or grocery shopping, or even if you need to go to the office. Since there is no proper guideline about attending the office and most of the offices are open, you may go to the office by maintaining proper COVID-19 safety protocol.

Wash your hands frequently. This is the easiest process to slow down the spread and restrict passing to others or having passed it to you. However, you need to follow the proper handwashing guideline, and you found it here.

Practice proper coughing and sneezing etiquette. Corona can easily spread through the affected person's coughing and sneezing. Whether you are affected or not, cough and sneeze on your elbow. In this way, your hands remain clean and eventually prevent from spreading germs. Practice proper social distancing. In other words, don't go out unnecessarily. Avoid going to any large gatherings. Nevertheless, if you go out in an emergency, maintain at least six feet distance from people.

Use the mask properly. We have a tendency not to use a mask. Even when we use a mask; we don't wear it properly. So, wear a mask properly as it can prevent the virus to a great extent. Use designated transport to commute to the office. According to the government-issued directives, government, non-government, courts, and private offices can provide transportation facilities to their employees. Those vehicles will maintain all the safety protocols, so you can use the official transportation to stay safe.

Order food online. Since the restaurants are instructed to stay open for delivery or takeaway foods, you can order from home or even order and pick up from the restaurant quickly.

Going out between 6 pm to 6 am is strictly prohibited unless there are any emergencies. However, it is suggested that you try to stay home regardless of the time. Even if you need to go out, you should not spend much time outside.

Avoid visiting the shopping malls. Although the shopping malls will remain close, shops can keep their wholesale part open. But it would be a good idea to avoid any kind of shops.

Avoid buying excessive suppliers. We have seen in last year that people tend to buy excessive supplies of foods, toiletries, etc., like there is no tomorrow. Avoid buying more supplies than you need and keep the items for others.

Don't panic. We may get panicked if our nearest or dearest ones get infected. In that case, you will need to stay calm and quiet. Besides, remember that COVID-19's severity depends on several factors. So, try to stay calm and take the necessary steps.

Tips to Stay Stress-Free During COVID-19 Lockdown

Getting stress during the lockdown is inevitable, even though you did everything to stay calm. You will need to keep yourself busy on something that you have an interest in. Besides, you can take some steps to make your lockdown stress-free.

For health and nutrition

Adequate nutrition can certainly fight COVID-19. You may not get proper nutrition as you cannot go outside to shop according to your needs. Sometimes you may not get the proper supply in your nearest grocery store. Therefore, you can shop online and get your desired items.

However, it is mandatory to hygiene your online deliveries. For instance, you can wash your food before eating. Besides, you can clean and use disinfection spray to clean other stuff.

For mental well-being

Taking care of your mental health is highly essential. For mental well-being, you can do yoga or meditation by maintaining a specific routine. Besides, being physically active is necessary, too, as it can reduce depression and can also reduce feelings of stress. Healthy eating is another way to boost mental well-being.

For physical well-being

During the lockdown, we tend to sit idly, which invites some fats into our bodies. Therefore, physical activities are necessary to involve all of your muscles. Try to be active at home; you can do this by simply walking on the rooftop. You can do some home exercise too. If you are not sure which exercise you should do, there are plenty of apps for work out, and you can follow these to stay fit during the lockdown.

For self-development

Last year many people did online courses during the lockdown to develop themselves. You can do this too. You may search for the books that you are interested in and enrich yourself.

Besides, taking courses on different platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Repto, etc. are the great way to develop skills.

Final words

The Bangladesh government has imposed a seven-day lockdown so far. However, there is a great chance that it will be extended. So, the guidelines and the tips we have mentioned in the article will definitely help you to stay motivated during a long span of lockdown.

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