Amal Foundation, a local NGO, has teamed up with IPDC, a leading NBFI, to prevent child marriage. The two firms are the implementers of a pilot project that seeks to prevent child marriage through loan provision.

This experimental Child Marriage Prevention Loan (CMPL) project has been launched in Bogura district in March.

CMPL is a conditional zero-interest microfinance loan that assists underprivileged parents in establishing long-term businesses if they match three criteria.

The first condition being, only parents of a 12- to 18-year-old girl child can apply for a loan. Secondly, a girl child cannot be married before she reaches the legal age. Finally, the girl child must be educated until high school, said a media release.

Parents vow to marry their daughters off only when they have completed high school and are of legal marrying age.

After providing the loan Amal Foundation assists the parents in creating sustainable businesses. They also provide training in business management.

Both the organisations believe that the collective effort will result in delivering a long-term social change by ensuring education for young girls.

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