We often say, "Dhaka is an ugly metropolis" though Dhaka city also can be most attractive with a little doable attention from each one of us.

It is good to think that Bangladesh has risen in the list of developing countries in the year of the golden jubilee of generality. Visual development of some of the developments in Dhaka is Dhaka's dream metro rail, fast bus transit, elevated expressway, construction of the third terminal at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport etc. This is optimistic truth that each of the construction pillars of this work seems to be bringing a sign of happiness and development to the people of Bangladesh. One of the things that can be done quickly without any money to make Dhaka look exquisite is to stop posting unwanted leaflets.

It is a matter of regret that the primitive habit of posting leaflets on beautiful walls and pillars has remained since the day of construction. Due to such activities, construction sites and pedestrian bridges, monuments, and newly decorated roads get horrible faces. Even the walls of privately owned buildings are covered with poster after poster. To enhance the beauty of the city, the authorities have not been able to reduce the tendency of pasting posters everywhere despite repeated warnings. On almost all the walls, there is a mention of the ban on putting up posters, but the ban was not obeyed. The text of the ban is also printed on the sign on the walls. Because of that, most of the places of Dhaka look very horrible, although Dhaka city can claim as a beautiful city.

In this situation, the authorities should implement the Wall Writing and Posting (Control) Act, 2012 appropriately; it is time by bringing in a specific policy of posting on the walls. If a banner or post needs to be affixed for any reason, it must be printed with approval and sealed with permission. It cannot be planted outside without a specified location. There is also a need to raise awareness among the people about posters. In this way, Dhaka can prove that our country has now moved forward through cleanliness.

There is no significant parking facility in Dhaka city. Many people do not know the location of the limited parking. That is why there is a tendency to park on many streets in Dhaka. Since the metro rail will transport many passengers, there is an urgent need to build several multi-storey car parks along the metro line. Having parking will encourage train passengers to go by train instead of driving, thus further reducing the pressure on the main roads.

Not only is a car parking system, but bicycles are also considered one of the most convenient for easy access to short distances. Bicycle riders should have the option to leave the station once they get on the metro train station. If the Dhaka MRT authorities provide safe bicycle parking facilities, it will be easier to catch the train at the bicycle station. This could further expand the catchment area of the metro rail as a transit station. In addition, illegal temporary shops and parking in Bicycle Lane must be taken off urgently.

The densely populated city of Dhaka has bus terminals and shopping centres and lots of pedestrians who use sidewalks. However, these sidewalks are not pedestrian-friendly for passengers. For example, pedestrians need to cross the roads for traffic in the streets, and sometimes accidents happen. That's why if a skywalk is built in the city, that can reduce road accidents, increase access to sidewalks, improve recreational facilities and improve crime protection. In addition, the Skyway network interface can run linkway without the effects of traffic and weather. Pedestrians will have the opportunity to reach the metro station safely despite the weather restrictions.

In this situation, the Dhaka Metrorail Authority should focus on the emergency development work plan along the metro train line and build an eco-friendly overhead skywalk to separate pedestrians from the road in busy areas. For example, if the skywalk is connected to an airport, Farmgate or a large shopping mall, it will carry an identity for the new smart city of Bangladesh.

Above all, make Dhaka's public bus service accessible to all. There is news that a few transport companies will take over all buses in Dhaka to enhance traffic efficiency. However, until there are not enough buses in Dhaka, residents will never rely on public buses. At present, all the buses operating on the internal routes of the capital have fitness certificates, but their appearance looks horrible. Even then, a passenger must wait a long time to get in this public; even if anyone can get a public bus, there is no place to sit in the warm and humid city. In the morning to evening passenger flow remain same, it is impossible to stand all those crowded buses under the pressure of passengers.

Due to the shortage of buses in Dhaka, the middle-class people living in Dhaka are inclined to buy private cars to tempting move without clumsy public bus service. As a result, the number of vehicles on the road is increasing dramatically. Because of mass transportation limitations, many waste time and money on private cars. Ultimately, that is increasing traffic in Dhaka city. If the number of vehicles continues to grow in this way, there will be traffic gridlock more and more and will be a habit. For that reason, launch many more public buses considering the number of people living in Dhaka, and that can be reduced to personal car uses.

Car horns are another cause of headaches in Dhaka city, which exceedsits tolerance level. The city dwellers living in the busiest parts of the capital are generally the victims of this traffic horn pandemic. Then again the tendency to put ambulance and police sirens in ordinary vehicles.

Finally, present the beautiful Dhaka that our country has advanced more. Concerns authorities and general public-everyone stands on the side of incredible Dhaka doing some good responsibility of awareness for Dhaka.

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