A visiting group of art educators representing the School of Design at Yunnan Arts University in China visited the Atelier71 and Gallery Cosmos, the printmaking studio and artistic space of the Cosmos Foundation, at Cosmos Centre in the capital's Malibagh.

During the studio and gallery tour on Monday, the art educators explored the gallery and atelier and visited the rich collection of artistic pieces, including paintings, artworks, books, and sculptures.

Later, the Cosmos Foundation hosted a dinner event in honour of the visiting Chinese art delegates.

Cosmos Atelier71 and Gallery Cosmos Director Tehmina Enayet greeted the Yunnan University art educators and exchanged artistic visions with each other, while Gallery Cosmos Artistic Director Sourav Chowdhury guided the studio and gallery tour, sharing the artistic initiatives.

Six educators represented the Design School of Yunnan Arts University at the tour, including Wan Fan, dean of the Design School; Chen Jun, deputy director of the Visual Communication Department; Zou Zhou, director of the Environment Design Department; Peng Yao, director of the Costume Design Department; Liu Enpeng, deputy director of the Digital Media Department; and Zhang Linyi, assistant professor of Product Design.

Bangladeshi artist Mong Mong Sho, lecturer of the Watercolour Department, Fine Art Faculty at Yunnan Arts University, led the studio and gallery tour for the Chinese art delegates.

"From our Gallery Cosmos and Cosmos Atelier71, we are overwhelmed to welcome the seven respected art educators from the Yunnan Arts University, China, as part of this exclusive gallery and studio tour. Back in 2017, we had another collaboration with the Yunnan Arts University delegates and arranged several artistic initiatives, including art camps and exhibitions," Gallery Cosmos Artistic Director Sourav Chowdhury told UNB.

"This year, they expressed their interest in visiting several art galleries and artistic initiatives in the country, including our Gallery Cosmos and Cosmos Atelier71 and through this type of exclusive artistic tour and our other upcoming initiatives, we hope that the artistic bonding between the two nations will continue thriving for the best interest of both countries," he added.

Mong Mong Sho said this type of artistic exchange initiative is essential for the betterment of arts, design, and culture among the nations.

"This year, we are initiating a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with both Dhaka and Chittagong University and visiting several art galleries and artistic spaces, including Gallery Cosmos and Cosmos Atelier71. This creative space has always been welcoming to us and we held several artistic initiatives back in 2017, and through these initiatives, we aspire to make the cultural relationship between China and Bangladesh even stronger," Mong Mong Sho told UNB.

Several prominent Bangladeshi artists and art educators, including eminent artist Kanak Chanpa Chakma; Dhaka University Drawing and Painting Department, Faculty of Fine Arts Assistant Prof Bishwajit Goswami' Khulna University Drawing and Painting Discipline Assistant Prof Abu Kalam Shamsuddin; Dhaka University Printmaking Department, Faculty of Fine Arts Lecturer Abdullah Al Bashir, visual artists Md Khairul Alam (Shada), Iqbal Bahar Chy, and among others, were present during the tour.

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