Recently the mankind is severely dashed by the Corona virus, Covid-19. In the recent past this sort of situation was simply out of our mind. But every human being in this world is affected directly or indirectly by this corona virus. The outbreak is so fast and running geometrically that we are always behind this virus and still now we are not able to stop the spreading-speed of the outbreak of this virus. Everyday hundreds of thousand people are dying for this virus in the present world. We know it started in the Uhan city of China but now the center of this virus are the USA and different countries of the Europe. Initially China and South Korea were affected severely but now they have got a remarkable success in fighting with Covid-19. Even now China sends medical professionals, paramedics and medical equipment, medicine to other countries to address the Corona problem. Currently Europe, United States are passing the stage-4 of this outbreak. We came to know this from the media. The US president Donald Trump has already opined that his country has already passed the grave time of Corona and he has asked the governors of different states to open the lockdown in a limited scale. It appears to us in the end of May positive changes of the Covid-19 situation in Europe and USA will happen.

But the situation in Bangladesh is very unclear now. What will happen after 10, 20 or 30 days? We do not know the answer. Can anybody give any prediction confidently? Probably the answer is negative. World Health Organization and virologists however told that maintaining social distance and staying home will reduce the speed of this outbreak. But we in Bangladesh do not maintain and obey such things and directives given by the government. Administration, Law enforcing agencies, Armed forces are trying their best to keep people staying at home. But the picture is we people are not following government instructions properly. Recently at Bhranmanbaria a big public gathering held for funeral of a religious leader. In this critical situation of the country that was totally illogical and injurious for public health. The organizers of this public gathering now did not take any responsibility of holding such public gathering. One of them told BBC Bangla service, that the people came to the gathering are responsible for this. He has avoided totally that they had no responsibility for this public gathering. But everybody knows that they had allowed the people to join that Janaja. As a result of this incident about 8-10 villages have remained under complete lockdown now. Not only at Bhramanbaria, there are some other places in the country where the same thing happened. Local administration could not stop such type of gathering for different causes.

In social arena Covid-19 has brought different social problems. As we came to know that other than different hospitals dedicated for Corona patients there are many Corona patients are taking their treatments in their homesteads. The person affected by Corona has been isolated in their home. But still then the other members of their families have ample chances to be infected in Covid-19. Moreover, the neighbors of them keep themselves out of touch of that particular family. Though isolation and stay at home are the ways to prevent the Covid-19 but the way the affected people and their families treated by neighbors is completely out of normal complaisance.

The health service people such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, ward boys, ambulance drivers and others are facing serious social barriers in this critical time. We know the health service people are fighting with Corona as front liners. Many of them have been affected by Corona after discharging their duties in the hospitals and health centers. But after performing their duties they are facing social barriers in their living areas. Those who reside in rented house facing problems from the landlords. But good news is that the government has already taken the matter seriously and for that reason 5/6 star hotels have been booked by the government for the health service people who are associated in the Corona treatment process.

Initially our health service system was not prepared for this situation. That time there was scarcity of PPE, masks, gloves, ventilators and other medical equipment. But now gradually those problems have been minimized considerably. Another important eventuality of Corona death is the burial of dead body. For burial, the directives and protocol of WHO are being followed. In all over the world this procedure is being maintained. But as a human being we people are not used to this protocol. Here passion, emotion and affection do not get any space. In this case everybody has become very mechanical and they have to accept this situation. All this is done for the prevention of Corona virus. Sometimes the news comes to the media as sons leaving their parents for apprehending Corona infections. This is very much unusual in our highly bonded society but this is happening and it is the reality now and it confounds our mind and it has become very big psychological problem.

For the lockdown all economic activities in the country are now stopped and the earning members of the different families have to stay at home. Gradually the savings of the families are getting reduced day by day. Everybody apprehends that some untoward and grave situations are waiting in the days to come. Normal social activities have stopped now. No one is coming/going to each other place and people do not attend funeral party of their close relatives also even for normal death. This is the hard reality we are facing now. Only thing that we are very much active now is social media. Those who have access in social media are much busy now and in this way they are passing their time.

This time in the year is the harvesting time of major crop 'Boro'. In the northern area and in the Haor area of Sunamganj, Netrokona, Kishoreganj people are encountering challenges of harvesting their crop. For this grave situation in the country internal mobility of the people are closed now. For that reason labors cannot go to the harvesting area from the different places of the country. But there is good news that HPM has taken this issue seriously. This is why special arrangement has been taken for the movements of the labors. Deputy Commissioners of some districts are working for this. The chances of scarcity of food must be reduced considerably if labors movement organized properly.

After the outbreak of Corona in our country, more than one and half month passed. How long it will continue we do not know. But in this time we have to show our national unity and integrity. In this critical situation we all should be compassionate to each other. We know night continue long or longer but ultimately sunlight will come. So in this interim period we should show our highest endurance and integrity. And if that so happens we must be able to raise our head in the upcoming world. In this time it is the high priority of the nation.

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