Ever since the global pandemic COVID-19 emerged - it took the charge of everything, started to send people off the road and made them sit at their respective homes so that people can avoid social distancing. This 'stay-at-home' order and social isolation process is called 'quarantine' - something which has a fair share of positive and negative sides.

The pandemic has impacted almost each and every business and obviously people were not ready to just sit at their home to maintain the much-needed home isolation, but as soon as the global 'mega-powers' sorted out that only home quarantine can save people from this deadly, contagious virus - they put the global lockdown on everywhere and people had no other choices but to embrace home quarantining.

Although poor people are the most affected class in any crisis, and they just cannot sit peacefully at their houses to fight with any virus or disease without any guaranteed supply of money, foods and utilities - the middle class, upper-middle-class and wealthy population are managing to sit at their home at least for a while.

Nothing is either fully positive or drastically negative in this earth, so here are five aspects of home quarantine including respective positives and negatives.


Thanks to the fourth generation (4G) era of the internet and revolutionary technological assistances, many people are performing their office activities from their residencies during this pandemic in order to avoid the risks of being contaminated by the virus. From global celebrities like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg to the late-night show hosts including Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Steven Colbert, James Corden and more, people around the world are working from their residences at this time. While the positive is that people are creatively discovering and utilizing new methods and procedures during this 'work from home' situation - the negative is that most of the people have no certain working hours, and became less productive due to the sudden breakdown of their regular routined work life.


The changed socio-economic scenario has already started psychologically impacting people who are social distancing and home quarantining. As all the concerts, drama shows and movies in theatres, exhibitions and festivals are being shut down for the foreseeable future; people are now being fully relying on electronic mediums and social networking sites to get entertained. Even the Pahela Baishakh celebration in Bangladesh and West Bengal has been digitally celebrated. While the positive is that the people are utilizing streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HoiChoi, Zee5 or BongoBD along with social networking sites as the mediums of entertainment - the amount of poorly themed contents without any proper filtering and monitoring has also been increased and mixed up within the other products, which is irritating the viewers.

Blooming of the home-delivery services:

In this growing era of online retail business, door-to-door delivery services are continuously becoming convenient and popular to the consumers. Along with prominent delivery services like Foodpanda, Chaldal, Pathao, Shohoz and more - several new delivery service companies have been started delivering groceries and medicines to consumers and well as the super shops like Unimart, Meena Bazar, Shwapno and more. The positive side is, of course, the increasing number of employment opportunities to more and more people - while the health risks of the deliverers are becoming a concerning issue since they are serving people with the risks of being contaminated.

Relationships between married couples:

Although the quarantining period may seem blissful to the newlywed couples and the reconciliation of love between the older couples as they got time to work on their internal chemistries - some people are not enjoying their quarantines as they are not used to see their better halves staying at the home for countless days. Both the positives and negatives of this topic are relying on individuals' behavior, as some are enjoying their quarantine with cooking or watching movies together - while some other people are slaughtering spouse on Facebook live.

Psychological aspect of consumerism:

People around the whole world had highly being recommended to not create chaos through their panic buying and the excessive amount of unnecessary shopping, but that suggestion backfired as people from United States to Bangladesh, had been rushing to the shops, super shops and grocery stores-markets in order to pile up the products. Being that amount of concerned surely turned out positive for the businessmen in these sectors, but the quarantining has been teaching the lesson of being empathic to others in this crisis - as many people are avoiding the panic buying aka piling up the goods. There had not been a psychological scenario such this, in recent times - until the quarantining started.

The list can go on, since the home quarantine is undoubtedly a new practice for the entire world and everyday a new lesson of life is emerging together with reports of newly found numbers of contaminated and deaths - thanks to the coronavirus. The sensible people are focusing and relying on the positives, so the post-pandemic world can be a better place - something that people got time to think and practice during these crazy times of home quarantining.

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