We all love straightforward people. Someone who is true to their nature and doesn't convey anything differently is easily liked by all. Genuine people exert a kind of magnetism that makes people comfortable around them. Human nature is to trust instinctively and genuine people make the process easier. With that being said, how do you identify a genuine person? What traits do they have? Let's find out.

They listen

Genuine people have a distinct trait of listening. Often, you'll come across people who are overbearing or don't really heed to anyone else's opinion. But that's not the case with genuine people. Whether it's an argument or a discussion, they would hear you out before they make their own point. They will remember small details and you'll know it when they bring it up. The simple act of listening might not be much, but this goes a long way to show that they care.

They are a believer of what they say

Genuine people won't give you vague advice. The general trait among genuine people is that they will preach matters they are comfortable following. You truly don't know the impact or effect a thing might have on a person unless you tried that yourself. A genuine person understands that sincerely and would focus to share ideas that they tried or follows.

They share real-life thoughts

You've seen people in a circle who are good at making small talks. It'll be about their day or work in general day-to-day life. But as you'll come to notice, there isn't depth in the conversations. That is where genuine people differ. They bring a unique perspective to life unlike any other. As you will see, conversation with them tends to be far deeper and meaningful than everyday general interactions. These are interactions that you can cherish and take something away from.

They have a superior sense of humor

We've often come across people on whom jokes fall flat. While there's no place for insensitive attitude but an occasional light jab never hurt anyone. But some people simply can't take them or don't understand. Genuine people however are far more understanding towards such scenarios. You might even get one back in return from them. Their sense of humor not only makes the interaction interesting but also an enjoyable one.

Money doesn't matter to them

A genuine person won't be materialistic. Yes, we need money for our sustenance and living a good life. But it isn't everything. You won't see a genuine person hankering after riches. Rather they tend to be happy with what they have and make the most out of it. Finding happiness in everything is a trait that defines a genuine person. And more importantly, they also channel this positive mindset among others.

They aren't about drama

A genuine person won't be dramatic. I mean it's just in the name of their trait, right? To be genuine. These are the type of people who actively avoid drama wherever they see any. If not, they at least try to not get themselves involved. Genuine people try to be realistic while looking for a feasible solution to a problem. They won't blow an incident out of proportion in any way.

They are ready to take responsibility

The sense of responsibility is pretty strong among genuine people. No one is perfect and humans are prone to make errors. While you'll see many trying desperately to hide their faults, a genuine person will always step up to acknowledge their mistakes. Their sense of responsibility and accountability is a glaring example for many. This is also one of those traits that make them instantly likable to others.

They are courageous

More often than so, you will see genuine people stepping up to take charge of matters. In addition to manifesting leadership qualities, they are always ready to take risks. The strength of their character and situational awareness gives them the upper hand in most scenarios. And honestly, who doesn't like a courageous person?

They are trustworthy

The ability to be trustworthy to all isn't simple. A genuine person is liked by many not just because of their straightforward means, but for their trustworthiness as well. The basis of this is communication. A trustworthy person will communicate properly and sincerely. It becomes much easier to trust someone who you know and have ideas about their personality.

They aren't motivated by ego

We've talked about how genuine people are realistic in every aspect of life. While taking any decision or choices, they will give priority to reality and feasibility before anything else. A person driven by their ego tends to be selfish. All they can think about is themselves and actions that would serve their purpose. Such attitude often leads to misjudgment. Needless to say, these traits aren't welcomed at all.

They aren't worried about others

A genuine person isn't a people pleaser. They aren't concerned at all about what others might be saying about them. Their sense of self-righteousness is what drives them. Genuine people often have a set of principles to which they adhere. For them, following the ideal way while helping others is enough. The act of seeking validation from others is simply not in their trade.

Bottom Line

The world is full of mixed bags. There are good people as well as bad people all around us. While we should be wary of the bad ones, we should also try to be good people. We hope the points discussed above would help you to see understand what makes a good and genuine person. Every day brings an opportunity for you to cultivate these traits to become a better human being.

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