Environment, Forest and Climate Change Affairs Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury on Sunday said the government wants to hold anyone involved in producing single-use plastics accountable.

The minister also said his ministry is taking initiative to make rules in this regard.

Saber Hossain said this in reply to a call attention notice of ruling Awami League MP elected from Dhaka-10 Ferdous Ahmed in Parliament.

The minister said 30,000 metric tons of solid waste is being produced every day throughout Bangladesh.

Of this total, around 7000 metric tons are being produced in the Dhaka city and 10 percent of this waste is single used plastic.

"We intend to phase out production and distribution of single used plastic. We are taking action in this regard."

The minister also proposed to ban single-use plastics. "If it is possible, it will be an example for the country."

Earlier while speaking on his notice, Ferdous Ahmed demanded a ban on single-use plastic products.

"If usage of one time plastic products cannot be stopped, it will be a challenge to protect the capital's environment," he also said.

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