The forest changes it colour following the seasonal changes in nature. The inhabitant of the forest always looking for a perfect weather to drive for their food, habitat and most importantly, for a mate- the most important part of an animal life to continue its hereditary for upcoming years. But forest is not a field for a single player! A bunch of players are there and they always depend to each other for their survival. Mr Bizoy Mahmud, a fellow from 'Asian School of Media Studies' documented the secret life of Purple-rumped sunbird and reveal the secret story of their survival.

This story is about the two members of a forest. This is the story of their struggle. Struggle to bring their child to this world but this is not an easy task.

After spending 387 days in the field to document the survival story of Sunbird he finally made a seven minutes long docu-film titled 'PROJONMMO- The birth of a life'. This is the first short film by Mr Mahmud on the life style of "Moutusi" bird. This short film named "Projonmo". It has been displayed for the first time through Noazesh Knowledge Centre (NKC), an initiative of WildTeam. The documentary was screened on a rainy evening of this week (13 July 2017) at the PAdma conference hall of capital's Cosmos Center. Before the screening the organizer from NKC show-cased the activities of Wild-Team and NKC throughout the past years. Following that Mr Bizoy Mahmud shared his experience on the way to make this docu-film. Mr Abhishek Sinha Roy of Nagorik TV gave his thoughts on this docu-film after screening. Beside this he encouraged young film-makers of Bangladesh to portray the beauty and rich biodiversity of Bangladesh through their lens.

The program wrapped up with the concluding remarks from Dr Md Anwarul Islam, Chief Executive of WildTeam and Professor of Zoology, Dhaka University. He addressed the conservation challenges in Bangladesh and how our young generation can overcome all these struggles to save our mother-nature. Beside this, he congratulated Mr Mahmud and his team for their wonderful visual work.

Fouzia Ahmed Afia, Intern WildTeam and Student Department of Forestry and Environmental Science Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

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