Cosmos Atelier71 organised a two-day long Ceramic Art Project titled '50 Artists 100 Mugs' from July 12 to July 13 July at Cosmos-Atelier 71 Studio, Cosmos Centre, Malibagh in the city.

This project was conducted and led by Ashim Halder Sagor and supported by Artpro. Members of the Cosmos-Atelier71 studio were participating in this ceramic art project. Participating artists were Sujit Aarker, Nasrin Jahan Onika, Dr. Mohammad Emdadur Rashed, Minhaz-Ul-Islam Sudipto, Kamruzzoha, Ajoy Sannyal, Rasel Rana, Shipra Biswas, Faisal Abir, Md. Faijul Islam, Tahera Tanzim Juthi, Jayanta Sarkar John, Nobanita Chowdhury, Upoma Haider, Tanjima Tabassum Easha, Rafiuzzaman Rhythom Abu Kalam Shamsuddin, Sampa Halder, Zakia Afrose, Ahsana Nasreen Hoque Angona,Humayra Kabir, Jannatul Tamanna Liza, Tanim Rahman, Fahria Rahman, Md. Sameen Yeasaar, Md. Shahed Hossain, Sabina Yesmin, Rajib Mahabub, Diptha Modak, Sree Bisnu Chandra Day, Shaibal Saha, Ummey Mabruka, Md. Tariqul Islam Herok, Sm Ehsan, Shahida Akter Tilat, Muslima Rahman Moon, Sakib Salim, Prodipta Bala, Prosun Halder, Atia Maibam, Imam Mahdi, Raju Ahmed, Shazed Ul Hoq Khan Aabir, Samia Proma and Bristi Pathan and others.

The ceramic project was open for the viewers from 10 am to 5 pm every day until July 13 at the Cosmos-Atelier71 Studio at Cosmos Centre, Dhaka.

About the Ceramic Art Project:

Among the many art forms in the history of art, pottery is the oldest in art history. Pottery depicts the beautiful and aesthetic representation of soil or earth. This art is the oldest and basic art form in human evolution. Anthropologist Louis Henri Morgan expressed the discovery of pottery as the transition of humanity from wild to barbarous times. Pottery has made everyday life easier and beautiful for thousands of years. Pottery found in various places of ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Indus and other ancient civilization.

In this ceramic art project 50 artists have produced 100 artistic mugs with their own creativity and imaginations to experiment and amplify this art form.

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