For wearing hijab and protesting against the decision of not wearing hijab in schools, at least 58 students were suspended in India's Karnataka. Muslim students have been demonstrating for a while now in Karnataka despite an interim ban imposed by the court.

Recently a few schools in India's Karnataka denied Muslim hijab-clad students entry to the schools, and many students or staff were forced to remove their hijab and burqa in order to enter the schools. This move has triggered widespread protest by the Muslim students in Karnataka.

Last week, the Karnataka High Court issued an interim ban on any kind of clothes representing any religion, including hijab and saffron shawls mostly worn by the supporters of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Experts say that the order is somewhat misleading. According to them, the hijab and saffron shawls are not the same in nature. While saffron shawls are being worn by the Modi supporters recently to politicise the issue of hijab, the hijab and burqa are old-age conventions for Muslims. Experts also say that the comparison between hijab and saffron shawls is not justified in any way.

Those who are suspended are from the Shiralakoppa government school in the Shivamogga district of Karnataka. The school authority told the student to not protest at the school premises.

Before being suspended, the students got involved in a heated argument with the school authority. The principal of the school justified the decision of not allowing hijab-clad students to the school saying that the court has imposed an interim ban and they are not to break the order.

Due to the sparked protest and anger, the Karnataka authority had halted schools for a few days in early February. However, the schools have reopened last week.

The court is expected to conduct the next hearing on Monday, as the Indian media report.

According to the latest update, Muslims of Karnataka stand firm on hijab, and many are demonstrating in different parts of Karnataka wearing headgears.

School authorities announced that they won't allow any hijab-wearing students to enter the schools unless they remove the hijab or burqa. However, the students did not budge from their stand.

However, the JVP College at Harihar in Davangere did not prevent their Muslim student from entering the school wearing hijab. After the student refused to remove the hijab, the authority allowed them. The students of this college said that the right of wearing hijab and burqa is as important to them as education.

Meanwhile, the USA and OIC condemned the move of not allowing Muslims to wear hijab in schools. The OIC has urged the UN to intervene so that the Muslims can practice their religion without any problem in India.

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