Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud on Monday said that BNP always says it won't participate in the election, but later they participate.

"I hope they will participate in the elections this time too," he said.

The minister said this while talking to reporters after a meeting with the leaders of the Film Exhibitors Association at the Secretariat.

Mentioning that people's participation is more important than the BNP's participation in the election, the minister said even if BNP and its allies boycott the election, an international standard election will be held in Bangladesh on time with the participation of the people.

Asked whether the government wants the BNP in the election, Hasan Mahmud replied that we want them to come to the election, that's why we are inviting them repeatedly. "If they are so popular, come to the polls."

Responding to a question about Khaleda Zia's treatment, Hasan Mahmud said, I pray to the Almighty that Begum Zia recovers quickly again."

Government is very sympathetic and providing whatever support is required so that Begum Zia gets the best health care, he asserted.

"She is being treated at one of the best hospitals in the country as per her wishes and the government has also said that if there is a need to bring any foreign doctors, it will bring it," he said.

He again said, sending abroad is about jurisdiction of the court. If they have to do that, they can go to court.

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