PM Hasina's meeting with Ukrainian President won't hurt Dhaka-Moscow historic ties, he says

Foreign Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud on Wednesday said that Bangladesh's position is always against any war and they will discuss ways to end the war during the Munich Security Conference.

"We are always against the war. That's our position. We want peace and stability in the world," he told reporters while briefing the media on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's visit to Germany.

The foreign minister said they will discuss global security issues as the ongoing conflicts in the world pose security threats for all.

In Germany, the Prime Minister is scheduled to hold a bilateral meeting with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky, the foreign minister said.

The Ukrainian President sought the appointment for a meeting with PM Hasina, he said.

Asked what will be discussed during her meeting with the Ukrainian President, the foreign minister said there will be discussion on ending the Russia-Ukraine war.

A journalist wanted to know whether there will be any impact on the Bangladesh-Russia relations due to PM Hasina's meeting with the Ukrainian President.

In reply, the foreign minister said there is no such scope as the Bangladesh-Russia relationship and bonding is very strong.

"Russia is a friendly country. Our bonding with Russia is very warm and strong. They stood beside us during the War of Liberation in 1971. We have a historic relationship with Russia," he said.

The Foreign Minister said the Rohingya issue will also come up for discussion as their presence has created a security threat for Bangladesh.

"Meanwhile, the ongoing problem in Myanmar created a security threat for the entire region," he said.

Dr Hasan said Bangladesh will seek global support so that Myanmar takes back their people (Rohingya) with full rights.

Sheikh Hasina will leave Dhaka for Germany on Thursday to attend the Munich Security Conference which will offer a unique opportunity for global leaders to search, find, and promote solutions to shared security concerns.

She will attend the global conference at the invitation of Ambassador Christoph Heusgen, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference (MSC).

The PM will return to Dhaka on February 19 morning, Mahmud said.

From February 16 to 18, the 60th Munich Security Conference (MSC) will once again offer unparalleled opportunities to discuss the world's most pressing security challenges.

PM Hasina will also call for ending other wars and conflicts happening in various parts of the world.

"When there are conflicts here and there, the global stability is affected. We don't want the global stability and security to be hampered," the foreign minister said.

Bangladesh will uphold its position on various national and international issues at the 3-day Munich Security Conference 2024, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"With participation of the Prime Minister in this conference, it is expected to create opportunities for bilateral meetings with world leaders apart from upholding Bangladesh's position on various national and international issues," said Spokesperson at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Seheli Sabrin earlier.

Around 50 Heads of State or Government, over 100 ministers as well as the leaders of many key international and civil society organizations are expected for this year's anniversary edition.

The state and future of the international order, much-needed reforms of multilateral governance mechanisms, regional conflicts, transnational challenges such as climate and food insecurity, as well as Europe's role in the world will be at the center of the discussions in Munich.

In addition to the official programme, the MSC will once again host a multitude of events for the interested public.

While the security landscape has evolved dramatically since the Munich Security Conference (MSC) was founded more than 60 years ago, its mission has not changed an inch.

It still seeks to enable and promote a constructive dialogue on the most important security challenges of our time.

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Naturally, this ambition is also at the heart of this year's anniversary conference which comes at particularly trying times.

The 60th Munich Security Conference is expected to be the most diverse yet with well over 100 countries represented with official delegations, said the organisers.

In line with its efforts over the last couple of years, the MSC has placed special emphasis on including countries and actors from the so-called "Global South" in all aspects of the programing in order to ensure the most inclusive debates possible.

Against this backdrop, the MSC 2024 will offer a unique opportunity to search, find, and promote solutions to shared security concerns.

Programme of the MSC 2024

On Friday, the conference's main program will kick off with a focus on global security challenges, including the future of global governance and multilateralism, democratic resilience, climate security, nuclear security, migration, and the future of AI.

Discussions on the state of the international order as well as regional conflicts and crises - ranging from Ukraine to Sudan and the Middle East - will be at the top of the agenda on Saturday.

On Sunday, the conference will close with discussions on Europe's role in the world and its relations with partners. As always, a detailed agenda of the MSC 2024 will only be published shortly before the conference begins.

Formats at the MSC 2024

The MSC 2024 will once again serve as a marketplace for ideas and create space for as many relevant and consequential debates as possible.

As in previous years, the conference's program is divided into three parts: the main program curated by the MSC, around 200 official side events hosted be leading research institutions and other partners from around the world, and dozens of public outreach events.

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All formats are governed by the Munich Rule, which calls for maximum interaction between speakers and participants, true to the motto: Engage and interact with each other. Don't lecture or ignore one another.

Outreach Events at the MSC 2024

In addition to the official programme, the MSC will host a variety of public events during the conference week, including an edition of its Zeitenwende on Tour Townhall, the fifth edition of its Innovation Night, a Policy Concert featuring prominent artists and discussants, and three evenings of its Security and Literature Series.

The first evening of the Security and Literature Series will focus on the "Global South".

The second evening of the series will focus on this year's Guest of Honor of the Frankfurt Bookfair, Italy.

The third evening of the series will focus on the war in Ukraine, particularly on the works of authors Volodymyr Vakulenko and Viktoria Amelina who were killed in Russian attacks.

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