Political situation in Bangladesh has deteriorated, focused on the BNP's call to hold a meeting on December 10 in front of the BNP office at Naya Paltan and the government's refusal to allow it at any cost. Both took a non-negotiable position which ultimately led to clashes between activists and the police. There has been one death and many injured and arrested. Police claimed many injuries too. It's the last thing that Bangladesh needs as it tries to maneuver through some very choppy socio-economic water in general.

Hopes of reconciliation and moderation were raised on the 9th night when media informed that the BNP and the police had met to discuss alternate venues and two -Kamlapur stadium and Bangla College grounds in Mirpur, were discussed. But the optimism was dashed when Mirza Fakhrul and Mirza Abbas, two top BNP leaders were picked up by the DB for questioning and later shown arrested for instigating the confrontation at the Naya Paltan office.

As the chart of events show, both the main Opposition and the ruling party have been holding positions that were pushing both to a confrontation. Yet such violence and conflict doesn't leave any winners in the end. Beyond politics, the concern is about ordinary people and they are deeply worried.

Bangladesh has sadly not been able to build a culture of moderation in politics. In all the periods of its independent history, importance to moderation as the key ingredient in political policy and strategy making has never been there. The result has been a weak development of political skills causing quick escalation to the confrontational stage. And the outcome of such conflicts has been more conflicts and violence. We all bear testimony to that grim fact.

Our politicians, whether in the ruling party or in the Opposition need to recognize that people are against violence and conflict. It deeply disturbs their socio-economic life and leads to a situation which puts their life, livelihood and lifestyle in crisis. Ultimately it is they who pay the price for confrontation in politics.

It's for their sake that we need to practice moderation in politics without which neither politicians nor ordinary people will survive. Let's hope politicians will learn the lessons from history and go the calmer and reasonable way. There is no other anyway if we all are to survive.

The day has however ended with promising news. The police and the BNP have come to an understanding and the meeting will now be held at Golapbagh. It's a win for moderation. May the trend continue.

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