On July 1, 2016, five Bangladeshi youths steeped in extremist ideology targeted a café in Dhaka's diplomatic quarter, singling out foreigners and non-Muslims for slaughter in an attack that left 29 dead, including five attackers.

Five years later, the city is in lockdown due to the pandemic. The site of the attack - now a private residence - is deserted.

This page remembers that night of horror and its aftermath: a counter-terrorism drive that brought militancy "under control" but increased cyber-monitoring and killed dozens in police raids.

Victims of the Holey Artisan attack

Twenty-four people were killed in the terrorist attack in Bangladesh, including seven Japanese citizens, whose photos BenarNews was unable to obtain. They were Koyo Ogasawara, Makoto Okamura, Yuko Sakai, Rui Shimodaira, Hiroshi Tanaka, Nobuhiro Kurosaki, and Hideki Hashimoto.

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