It was all about one last emotional joyride before the brutality ahead. Yes the dead are approaching faster, yes everything north of Winterfell belongs to Night King now, and yes Cersei is plotting against everyone at Winterfell; even these imminent threats could not keep the remaining beloved characters from sharing some cozy moments. The verbal exchanges, sentimental dialogues, subtle humours all seem like the calm situation the apocalyptic storm. Winter is at the gates of Winterfell.

The second episode of HBO's trailblazing fantasy tv series, Game of Thrones gave a feel-good vibe as it was an episode without a single death.

The episode, 'A Knight of Seven Kingdoms' started with the trial of Jaime where Brianne of Tarth vouched for and saved him from the rage of Daenerys. Later Jaime and Brianne spend some quality moments together.

The cold war between Daenerys and Sansa eased a little when Daenerys and Sansa sat for a thoughtful talk about what will happen after the war.

The brief conversation between Jaime and Bran reveals that not only Bran forgave Jaime but he ascended to a higher form than he was before. Shortly after that Sansa and Theon too had a beautiful reunion.

From Tormund's arrival and passing down the bad news (the dead marches south), we zoom into the war room, characters gathering round and devising means to stop the Night King. Bran proposes using him as a bait to lure the Night King as he is supposedly coming to get Bran. Theon and the Ironborns pledge to defend him.

Tyrion, Jaime, Podrick, Tormund, Brianne and Ser Davos is seen beside a fireplace drinking and enjoying a heartwarming evening like there's no tomorrow which seems accurate as the odds are a number of these major characters will not leave to see the day. Brianne is knighted by Jaime, fulfilling her long-cherished wish and justifying the episode title. The song by Podrick was surely a heart-touching one as we see all the characters enjoying their final moments before the battle with their loved ones.

Fans surely flipped after seeing Arya making love Gendry, sure why not spend the last moments of your adulthood with the one you've been lurking on since season 2. Little Arya is all grown up now.

Another shocking scene which sounds like mirroring the first ep was Jon revealing to Daenerys, his lover/aunt that he is no bastard but a Targaryen. Daenerys, skeptical at first, reminds him that if it is true then he is the last male of Targaryen bloodline, having a claim on the iron throne. Unfortunately, their conversation is cut short with the sound of war bugle. The army of the dead arrives!

The entire crew will be fighting to defend Winterfell. It remains to be seen which of the characters survive the battle when the next episode air on April 29.

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