Welcome to the new normal; where you stay at home, work from home, and even order from restaurants and eat, at home. Home chefs have gained a newly found momentum in their food businesses due to the pandemic. Now, in Dhaka, it has become easy to order any type of cuisine from such chefs from the comfort of their homes.

Bake Away is such a bakery which is quickly making a mark in the dessert scene. They are currently taking orders through their Facebook and Instagram page only. I personally believe that it is the presentation of their desserts that sets them apart. from gold foils in their red velvet cupcakes to kiwi and strawberry topped lemon tarts this online bakery is trying to put a spin on classic dessert items.

Lemon Tart

These Lemon Tarts looked like desserts right out of Pinterest. I got a very subtle sour taste of lemon here which should've been stronger given its name. The Strawberry and Kiwis added a fruity flavor along with the thick custard filling. Had it been named fruit tart, I would've been sold for sure!

Chocolate Cup Cake with American Double Chocolate: Frosting

This is the best Chocolate Cupcake I've had in a while! It was really moist and well decorated. The chocolate flavor was not too intense and the frosting was extremely creamy! Despite of both the cake and frosting flavor being chocolate, it didn't come off as too sweet which is perfect for me. Having Maltesers as topping is such a good idea as it added crunchiness as a texture. If you are someone who loves desserts but want the perfect balance, this is a must order I highly recommend it.


These profiteroles melt in your mouth! They were airy and the cream filling was just the right amount. To me, the chocolate or vanilla coating doesn't make much of a difference tastewise but they do make them look beautiful! The Choux of Pastryarchy (another online bakery are even lighter than this so do check them out too!)

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

The Red Velvet Cupcake with cream cheese frosting is loved by many! It's a classic flavor that now many restaurants and bakeries offer on a regular basis too. But have you ever seen such a cupcake with golden foils? It just gives it a luxurious look that we can all definitely admire! While the frosting could've been slightly sourer, the cupcake was just perfect! Both the cupcake and frosting held their shapes perfectly despite them being home delivered!

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