Veteran music director Sheikh Sadi Khan has taken up a bold endeavour. He has teamed up with the youngsters for a new musical production in this Eid. The song will be made into a music video. Shahid Rahman is the lyricist of the song. It has been reported that shooting of the music video has already finished. It will be released soon anytime before Eid on satellite channels. Yusuf, Nandita, Apu, Sharalipi, Mugdha, Champa Banik, Rituraj, Priyanka, Paran and Sushmita are the vocalists who have come together under Sheikh Sadi Khan. These singers, ten in total are all young promising artistes.

Sheikh Said Khan thinks that we do not have too many good songs for Eid. "The single dominant song by National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam has had almost no counterparts on its side, whenever the occasion of Eid comes knocking on the doors of our mass media," Sadi Khan said to this correspondent. "For this reason I have taken up this new project for Eid," he added. When asked about any future probable project for Eid he said, "I would certainly be looking to take up newer projects anytime given the chance, regardless of whether it might become a success or not." The present song however he feels would be a success and fill the gap for Eid music.

The song goes like this- "Dekho Dekho Asman-E Oi Dekho Baka Chad." In English the intro goes like this- Look at the crescent moon in the sky, at this auspicious hour for merriment amusement wants to break all bounds.

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