Bypass-Surgery on Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul will take place in the country within the next six days. The involvement of Prime Minister's Office has facilitated this speedy development for Bulbul's treatment. Junaid Ahmed Palak has reportedly confirmed the news. He also confirmed that Bulbul has consented to the proposition and the doctors have also suggested it. On May 15 the Freedom Fighter and musician posted on facebook that he has eight blocks in his heart and will take treatment at his own cost. Soon after viewing the post Palak drew the attention of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The Prime Minister promptly asked for further details about Bulbul's health. After getting final reports she declared that the responsibility of Bulbul's treatment vests with her. Bulbul is currently under care of Dr Md Liaquat Ali, Professor of Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital and Research Institute.

Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul bore witness to the massacre of forty-nine Freedom Fighters in Brahmanbaria Prison Cells in 1971. He is among the five survivors from the massacre, which delivered him the chance to present testimony in this regard in 2012. As a result unknown miscreants put his younger brother, Miraz to death. Since then he has had to live the last six-years in confinement with his only daughter under police protocol, an experience he dubs as a truly miserable chapter. n

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