Sikdar Aminul Haq is generally a modernist Bangladeshi poet. He is also a prolific poet and his poems are of outstanding intellectual quality. Incidents of everyday life can be found in much of his poetry but in a very symbolic and complicated way. He frequently experiments with form and content. He often approaches surrealism and expressionism in his works. He uses the imagery of varied urban motifs and infrequently rural motifs like moon, sun, sky, lush greenery, clouds and other natural wonders in his poetry. His poetry shows a considerable degree of social awareness and a sense of satire. His works also focus on Dhaka's contemporary life and times.

Sikdar Aminul Haq was born on December 6, 1942. He is a recipient of the Bangla Academy Award in 1994 for poetry and many other prestigious awards. His breakthrough came with his commendable work Satata Danar Manush. The poet is popular for the handling of unusual, whimsical and innovative imagery in his creations.

Aminul Haq's poetry has superbly documented pains, agonies, weal and woe of human beings, historical and political episodes in our country. His poems are distinguished for their highly expressive and communicative, poignant and symbolic traits. For inspiration, Aminul Haq veers towards human life and their varied social and cultural aspects, patriotism, political ups and downs. Aminul Haq's poems are courageous, thought-provoking and intellectually rich. His protest against religious intolerance has been reflected in his poetry.

Several of Aminul's poems are conceptual and some deal with death, romance and at times the absurd. As an experimental poet, he frequently changed his technique, mode and overall substance.

About the poet, veteran poet Nirmalendu Goon says, "Sikdar Aminul was one of my bosom pals in my life. He was very urbane, sophisticated and amusing in a cosmopolitan way. He was a modern poet and his themes of poetry are very much connected to contemporary life and times. His poetry has documented pains, sufferings and dilemmas of urban people. He was very close to Indian poets Bishnu Dey and Shakti Chattopadhyay. Aminul was also a very familiar figure in the literary arena of Paschimbanga. He was a great fan of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He was always against communal forces and religious bigotry. He wrote several poems based on our national issues. His poems also highlighted the needs and issues faced by the masses and their way of life."

Aminul Haq's notable works are 'Duurer Karnish' (1975), 'Teen Papreer Phul' (1979), 'Parabat Ei Pracheerer Shes Kabita' (1982), 'Ami Sei Electra' (1985), 'Bohudin Upekhae Bohudin Aundhokarey' (1982), 'Patrey Tumi Protidin Jol' (1987), 'Ek Ratri Ek Writu' (1991), 'Satata Danar Manush' (1991), 'Suprobhat Hei Varanda' (1993), 'Kafkar Jama' (1994), 'Sulata Amar Elsa' (1994), 'Rumaler Alo O Onnanno Kabita' (1995), 'Lorkakey Jedin Ora Niye Gelo' (1997), 'Bimorsho Tatar' (2002), 'Ishitar Ondhokar Shue Ache' (2002).

The poet died in 2003.

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