Nirmalendu Goon belongs to the generation of writers that emerged in the 1960s. He is in the ranks of poets who have never detached themselves from the masses. His poetry reflects his experiences of the Liberation War (1971). Goon was one of the most prominent young poets in the post-liberation period. Since then, he began experimentation on language and poetic form. Over the years, the poet has developed a signature style, distinguished by simple language, powerful syntax and subtlety. His themes address an urge to overcome restrictions and break down the barriers dividing human beings. Love of freedom and faith in the human spirit underlie many of his poems. His first book of poems was published in 1970. Since then he has published fifty-five collections of poetry and twenty collections of prose.

Goon was born in Barhatta of Netrokona district to Shukhendu Prakash Goon Chowdhury and Binaponi. He passed the Matriculation examination in 1962 and Intermediate examination in 1964 from Netrokona College. In 1969, he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree. He published his poem Notun Kandari on the magazine Uttor Akash. On 21 February 1965, he published the poem Kono Ek Sangramir Drishtite on the magazine Weekly Janata.

Part of the generation of poets of 1960s, Goon's poetry contains stinging criticism of the nouveau riche and a touching description of the contrasting fate of the masses. A love of freedom and faith in the human spirit also permeates many of his poems. A confirmed Marxist, Goon has also written poems urging an upheaval of the poor against the rich.

Goon is also a painter. His solo exhibition was held in 2009 at Seminar Hall of Central Public Library, Shahbagh in the city. The exhibition presented him in a new light -- a new horizon where colours, canvas and brush come together to create expressions. As an amateur painter, colours are the most dominant aspect of his works. His colours are expressive and his images bear a contemplative and poetic mood. As an artist, Goon has worked on a range of themes -- some are contemporary, some induce nostalgia, while some are close to his heart. His works are closely linked to his inner views, personal agony, experiences, admiration, notions and beliefs.

Among many other awards, Goon has won the prestigious Bangla Academy Award, Ekushey Padak, Shadinota Padak and more. He represented Bangladesh in the XI Afro-Asian Writers' Union Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Bangladesh Festival in London, the SAARC Writers Conference in Delhi and many more. The Library of Congress has thirty-seven titles by him in its collection.

Goon's significant works include, Na Premika, Na Biplobi, Caitrera Bhalobasha, Tar age Chai Samajtantra, Nirmalendu Gooner Premer Kabita, Dirgha Dibosh, Dirgha Rajani, Ochol Podaboli, O Bondhu Amar and others.

The poet turned 72 on June 21.

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