Ashraf Shishir's film 'Amra Ekti Cinema Banabo' on the Liberation War of Bangladesh has recevied censors' uncut approval. He has already submitted the entire twenty-one hour long film at Bangladesh Film Archive. The film is the longest running story-based film in the history of world cinema with the same cast and crew team and the same initial endeavour. The entire film has been dissected into eight parts and the first two parts running for nearly three hours have been approved by the Censor Board. The film rolled into production works in May, 2009 and was completed in May, 2018. For nearly nine years the film was shot in Rooppur, Pakshi of Ishwardi and on the banks of river Padma with four thousand cast and crew members. The film has been framed in black and white.

Actors of the film are-Raisul Islam Asad, Sumona Soma, Shadhin Khasru, Masum Aziz, Pran Rai, Ayesha Mukti, Teresa Chaiti and more. The film zooms in on the recently independent Bangladesh where anti-liberation activists gain grounds culminating in breakdown of social-political atmosphere. Here a couple of innocent people become rebellious through their new filmmaking project but as is reality of a third-world country they face ups and downs with dims of colour to fulfill their dreams. This ups and downs unfortunately leads a person who has not harmed an ant in his life to commit murder for a lady he has never seen.

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