Senior actors Ferdousi Mazumder and Suborna Mustafa are usually not seen together. Nearly thirty years ago they provided daily feasts for TV viewers through BTV drama serial Sangshaptak. The drama from the 80s build on the novel by Shahidullah Kaiser and starred other veterans like Khalil Ullah Khan, Mamunur Rashid, Raisul Islam Asad, Dilara Zama, Tarik Anam Khan and more. Ferdousi and Suborna were last seen nearly three years ago. But it was just a single-episode drama named 'Tobu Amare Debo Na Bhulite' directed by Arif Khan and aired on Channel i.

Now the two will be seen in yet another single-episode drama named Tamohor. Written by Iffat Arefin Tanvi and directed by Chayanika Chowdhury the drama was shot on May 16 and 17 in Dhaka. This would be Chayanika's first drama where she has got both the senior actors together. She directed the two actors before but in different productions. The hourlong drama also casts Nayem and Nazira Mou.

Ferdousi Mazumder acted in her first drama under Chayanika a couple of days ago. Being inspired by her work she decided to work in another one of her projects. But later when she learned that Suborna too would act in the new project she became even more enthusiastic.

Suborna Mustafa thinks that though the two actors get to meet rarely the bonding between them has remained fresh. According to her actors like her are learning from veterans like Ferdousi Mazumder on a regular basis. Ferdousi is one of those actors who memorise the entire screenplay before coming to shooting, knowing exactly which scene comes after what, Suborna noted.

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