Music is unquestionably an intrinsic part of literature, and Bangladesh is a land of music and melodies. Band music, ever since it's heroic incoming in Bangladeshi culture- has become an essential part of the lifestyle of our urban youth. Pop legends like Azam Khan, Firoz Shai, Ferdous Wahid, Happy and Lucky Akhand and bands like Uccharon, Souls, Renaissance, Miles, LRB started a revolution- for which, band music have successfully followed the continuum to the current era. There was another group of crazy, dreamy youngsters, coming out straight from middle class families and conquered the hearts of millions. Four decades ago- the legendary band Feedback was born.

To celebrate this occasion, a reunion concert titled '4 Decades of Feedback' was arranged at the ICCB on 30th April, 2019. The band has undergone a lot of changes through the last four decades, which is completely natural for any band- Feedback also travelled through the same route, thus total 3 lineups were presents at the event- the original, the vintage and the current lineup.

When the band started their journey back in 1976-77, their first lineup consisted Foad Nasser Babu (keyboards+band Leader), Khawaja Ershad Moinuddin Popsy (drums), Zakiur Rahman (rhythm guitar and lead vocals, also known as possibly the very first 'lefty' guitarist in Bangladesh), Selim Haider (lead guitar), Murad Rahman (bass). The band even had their signature attires- black waistcoat and bell bottom pants with flared collared blue shirt. A classy representation, indeed.

The vintage lineup was formed with having the legendary Maqsoodul Haque as the band's lead vocalist, Pearo Khan on drums, Sekender Ahmmed Khoka on bass guitar, Labu Rahman on lead guitar and Foad Nasser Babu (keyboards+band leader). This was the time when the band was becoming fan favorite with evergreen tracks like 'Moushumi', 'Geetikobita 1 and 2', 'Chithi', 'Majhi', 'Telephone e Phishphish' along with perhaps their most significant song of all time 'Melay Jaire'- which has gradually become the nation's anthem for its biggest festivity known as Pahela Baishakh. Also, this lineup attempted something extraordinarily dangerous- they released a whole album in the year of 1997 with just one single track called 'Dehoghori'- which was undoubtedly a bold attempt for the first time in Bangladesh.

Fast forward in recent years, the lineup of this band got changed again when Maqsood left the band in 1997. The current lineup is featuring the founding father Foad Nasser Babu on keyboards and longtime lead guitarist Labu Rahman, along with Shahnur Rahman Lumin (main vocalist), Enam Elahi Tonty (drums and percussion), Tarik Al Hasan Raihan (vocal+acoustic guitar) and Mohammed Danesh (bass).

The concert however, successfully brought all the generations of Feedback in one single platform, sharing the same stage. The venue was beaming out the festive vibes from all the Feedback fans representing all ages, and that includes four legendary bands that later performed their individual tributes towards Feedback.

The show started with greatest hits of the band one after another- either played by any of the three line-ups, or from the bands scheduled to perform the tributes. Warfaze, Artcell, Miles and Dalchhut- these four bands performed 'O Moushumi', 'Telephone e Phisphish', 'Jonmechhi ei Jugey' and 'Chithi'- and portraying the magical bond, Feedback members got down in the audience row and cheered the performances like other fans. All the bands acknowledged that Feedback played a visionary role for years and guided them to pave across the hardships, and thanked for being there as inspirations. Seeing them applauding each other and their performances, one had to feel the thrilling emotional goosebumps in the veins coming from a nostalgia act.

The biggest magic, however, seemingly was the crowd. Usually the typical notion is that band music represents youth- and most of the crowds in concerts are usually young, crazy audiences who thoroughly enjoy the performances by understanding the essences. Fast forward four decades later, the magic recreated in this concert by all those youths of 80's and 90's who were chorusing the lines such as "Moushumi kare valobasho tumi", "Aj tomar chithi", "Mone pore tomay" or "Melay Jaire" with the old, vintage and new feedback along with all the tributes. They were glittering, cheering and clearly enjoying Feedback- like they used to do back in their times. The melodious nostalgia surrounded the whole crowd throughout the time, and this is something extremely new and memorable for those who have never saw their uncles and aunts enjoying a concert by redefining the law of ages, just the way the youths of this era were enjoying.

A land of music and culture, Bangladesh is surely grateful to the band we know Feedback for the past 40 years- and surely, this '4 Decades of Feedback' was not just a random concert. It was a heavenly reunion.

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