Not too long ago, citizens of Bangladesh were frustrated with the absence of food delivery services in the country. However, the situation has changed drastically over a short span of time and Dhakaites, specially, couldn't be happier! Such a takeout/delivery-based restaurant is Dough on the Go (DOTG). DOTG was initiated by 4 food lovers with a passion to create something truly different for the tastebuds. Even though they started out commercially around December of last year, they had been experimenting with the recipes for about 4 months.

Ask me to pick between burgers and pizzas, I'd easily get myself the triangular slices of heaven that come in cardboard boxes! I had stumbled upon their Facebook page around the time they started their business and have been a convert ever since.

Their menu consists of 5 totally different flavors of pizza and wings. What sets their pizza apart is the thin and soft dough. To many, scorched air bubbles are signs of imperfections in a pizza. However, they are signs that the dough was handled with care. Besides, if you look up pizza pictures online, most of the pizzas look quite similar to what they are serving their customers.

After having tried ALL the flavors, I have come down with my personal favorite- PESTO pizza. This 12 inch pizza is made with a base sauce of walnuts, basil, and tomatoes. On top of the sauce, quality chunks of Italian sausages and basil leaves are spread which altogether provides quite a unique taste. My 2nd favorite is the classic Marinara. With a simple chef's special marinara sauce topped with parmesan, this whole pizza is devoured by me in minutes.

The spicy wings with the garlic dip has to be ordered off the menu (No idea why it hasn't been added yet). It comes in 8 pieces in a foil container. I absolutely loved myself wings which have a crispy skin so at first few bites, I was slightly disappointed at how soft/soggy (?) it tasted. But the more I ate, I had realized that there was a suspicious ingredient in it for which I couldn't stop craving for some more. And the ingredient was BUTTER! Garlic and butter are a match made in heaven and I absolutely loved how the combination worked here as well. A lot of you out there might be disappointed with the crisp (as I was), but we have got to remember that fried food tastes far different than baked ones.

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