Cricbuzz reports that Bangladesh captain Mominul isn't feeling any heat after the disastrous losses to South Africa in the 2-Test series. We are no stranger to losing in any format but the two miserable defeats coming in the wake of the historic ODI series win hit hard for many. That apparently doesn't include the cricket establishment too much, whether Mominul or BCB. It's great, but what else exists beyond that?

The captain has apparently taken the defeats in stride and many, including Mashrafe bin Mortaza have lent him support. So has the Board and so no axing worry is haunting him which is good. But the point is what's on offer beyond grit and optimism on display?. What next Charlie Brown?

From various media reports one gathers that Mominul like others think we are not great playing spin players. That is no secret. We have also heard that we are not great pace ball players either. But what has been done about it including going over. Does it make our ODI win accidents?

The spin of bowls and words

The explanation that the wickets in New Zealand and South Africa were different and so a different approach adopted is obvious. It was not one of studious defense but to be a bit aggressive. This is spot on. But where did getting out in a hurry by following it a good strategy? Where was Plan B ? If it was supposed to make South African spinners feel out of sorts and bowl badly, that isn't exactly what happened. Aggression is fine if it gets runs and not serves wickets to the bowlers.

Mominul may be under pressure for not scoring a whole lot of runs but that is not an issue. Any player can go through a slim patch but when the entire team goes through one, that deserves worrying. Bangladesh cricket's lack of worry is worrying. Under Mominul, Bangladesh has won 3 out of the 15 Tests played. That's not great, so why? And how to get out of this?

"Bangladesh team director Khaled Mahmud told Cricbuzz that he is seeing Mominul developing as a leader." This is very positive and one does hope that it continues but the bonhomie in the team and management hasn't exactly resulted in quality results in at least T20s and Tests. BCB must know why?

When a captain fails, that's one thing and when everyone fails twice in a row and in the way we did, alarm bells should ring. Perhaps, cricket needs to have a much wider strategy treating the platform for the three formats separately. BCB doesn't have a major cricket policy other than hearing high intensity optimism. Any policy if it exists is unclear and so is the applied/ practical framework. If Bangladesh is doing so badly in T 20 and Tests, there should be real answers to real questions. And just a few hints at solutions, beyond what seems like forced optimism.

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