An essay competition was arranged among students of Class X and XI in schools and colleges at Kashinathpur and the adjacent areas in Pabna. Each of the selected students of three education institutes-Dhobakhola Coronation High School and College of Natiabari, Kashinathpur Digital School and College and Al Hera Academy School and College of Bera-was given a book titled Amader Shikkha: Bichitro Bhabna (Various Thought On Our Education) and was asked to write down their views on education in the country. The book is edited by Muhammad Yahiya and Alamgir Khan and published jointly by Prokriti and CDIP.

After evaluation of their essays, a program of prize giving among the winners of the essay competition and discussion on education was held on 6 November 2019 at the auditorium of Dhobakhola Coronation High School and College at Natiabari, Pabna. Proyash Shangskritik Goshthi organized it with support from CDIP (Centre for Development Innovation and Practices), a nongovernment development organization.

Mr. Ahmed Firoz Kabir, MP, Pabna-2 was present at the program as the Chief Guest. Writer Akter Zaman and Sculptor Biplab Dutt were present as Special Guests. Teachers, journalists, cultural activists and educationists delivered their speeches on our education system and the need for preparing our children with proper attitude, ethics and morality and knowledge. Mr Fazlul Hoque Khan, Director of CDIP, chaired the program.

Architect Anwarul Azim Khan Anjan, poet and music composer Humayun Kabir, Principal Abu Bakar Siddique, Principal Anwar Hossain Khan Shahin, Professor Jahangir Alam, Professor Mahbub Hossain, Head Teacher Mohammad Tarequzzaman and others were present as discussants. They all discussed many aspects of the existing education system and praised this initiative to improve the reading habit of the present generation children and make them aware of the system they were growing up in.

In the discussion Artist Biplab Dutt said art and literature should be emphasized in our education. He asked parents not to run after mere good results for their children but also to try to make them good human beings. Writer Akter Zaman put emphasis on the need for our school children to know the national as well as local history.

Chief Guest Mr. Ahmed Firoz Kabir, MP, Pabna-2, presented children with books for their writings on education. He said parents needed to raise dreams in the minds of their children. In his view, if our children have dreams, nothing can divert them from the right path in life. Our children are talented; they only need the right care for their proper development, and thus they will grow up in the desired way and build a bright future of the nation-he said.

Mr Fazlul Hoque Khan, Chair of this prize giving and discussion program, praised the enthusiasm of children in reading a book on education and expressing their own views in writing. He said that many of the write-ups received from them were really good and valuable. He put emphasis on the need for their reading books of story, poetry, science and many other subjects in order to widen their horizon of knowledge and equipping them for the future challenging world. He thanked Proyash for organizing this program with support from CDIP. He also thanked all the learners, teachers and guests and especially the Chief Guest for their support and help in making such an education program successful.

Writer Alamgir Khan, moderator of the program, said discussion on education among school children was important to inspire them to ask questions about the present system and propose how to improve this. Such programs on education certainly grow habit of reading among students and help them think critically and innovatively about a serious issue like education.

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