A kind-hearted youth group from a village in Gazipur has nobly responded to the plaintive cries for help from flood victims in Kurigram (Char Rajibpur) proving there's hope for Bangladesh.

Kurigram was one of the many areas hit by flooding and cut-off from food supplies, which brought tears, despair and havoc to the region, especially affecting the sick and elderly.

"When we realized the despair the people were facing, a rescue mission was mounted immediately," said Ashikur Rahman, a spokesman for the humanity group, Revolution to Improve Bangladesh.

"After our leader, Rubel Hussain had visited the area, a distance of 250 kilometres away, and assessed the needs, a fund raising campaign was mounted.

"During the monsoon downpours, members visited schools in the Gazipur area and succeeded in raising around a lakh," said Ashikur. "With that rice, sugar, potatoes and other essential item like Orsaline were bought and taken to a go-down where fellow members divided and repackaged the supplies to provide for 250 families for a week."

"The food and 23 RIB members travelled by truck and boat overnight to make delivery of the essentials," said Rubel. "Being tossed about for hundreds of miles in the back of a truck in total darkness with no room to sit down, was adventurous, but not enjoyable. Seeing the grateful looks on the faces of the people, however, made it all worthwhile and we would gladly do it again," Rubel said.

To help people in need or find out more about Revolution to Improve Bangladesh, see Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/revolutiontoimprovebd.RIB) or email (rtib152015@gmail.com).

Writer, Sir Frank Peters is a former newspaper and magazine publisher and editor, an award-winning writer, humanitarian and a royal Goodwill Ambassador.

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