Chinese Ambassador in Dhaka Zhang Zuo on Monday said his country wants to give a further push to broaden people-to-people contacts with Bangladesh taking the mutual bilateral relations to a newer height.

"Our hearts get closer now, our friendship is strengthened," said the Chinese Ambassador adding that the friendship between the two countries will be even deeper than the Bay of Bengal.

Ambassador Zou made the remarks while addressing an experience-sharing event on medical treatment and tourism at the Embassy here on December 24.

Deputy Chief of Mission and Counselor Chen Wei; and Irving Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer HBM Lutfur Rahman Rahman, among others, spoke on the occasion.

Earlier, China opened its doors for Bangladeshi citizens to get "affordable and quality medical treatment" in a bid to further boost people-to-people contact between Bangladesh and China.

Chinese Embassy in Dhaka is granting medical visas for Bangladeshi citizens to avail of "high quality and reliable treatment" in China, said the Embassy.

"We want to boost people-to-people contact between Bangladesh and China under the Road and Belt Initiative," said the Chinese Ambassador.

He said this medical tourism will help strengthen relations between the two countries.

Chen Wei said there is a necessity of building bridges and roads but people-to-people contact is very important.

He said the Embassy will promote such initiatives in the coming days to strengthen the friendship.

They encouraged all to share the experience of Bangladeshi citizens on medical treatment in Kunming with their friends and families.

A group of patients, who availed of treatment in Kunming fully funded by the Chinese Embassy here, shared their experiences.

They lauded the quality, affordability and advanced medical equipment in Kunming but urged to address the language barrier.

Irving Group, a business group in Bangladesh, facilitated the treatment of preselected patients in a hospital in Kunming. Their trip started on December 17 and ended on December 21.

Welcoming those 20 patients back who underwent the medical treatment in Kunming, the Ambassador said, "This is the result of the close friendship between China and Bangladesh. It is also one of the embassy's continuous efforts to strengthen cooperation between the two countries."

China is rapidly emerging as a desirable destination for individuals seeking medical care in a wide range of medical specialties, including cardiology, neurology, orthopedics etc.

Ambassador Zuo said, "We are thankful to launch the medical treatment in China for Bangladesh."

"As healthcare is becoming costlier in the developed countries, the medical market in the developing countries is expected to grow remarkably."

Cost-effective treatments, availability of inexpensive flights, increased marketing, and online consumer information seem to be driving the market, said the Ambassador.

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