More than 800 thousand people die each year due to various diseases and accidents in Bangladesh. According to a global study conducted by the Institute for Health Matrix (IHM) and Evaluation of the University of Washington, the number of deaths in 2040 may cross 11.23 lakh. Most people will die of cancer at that time.

A total of 38 health experts and researchers from various universities and research institutes in the United States, China, Canada, Australia and Mexico under the leadership of the IHM, predicted the life expectancy of 195 countries around the world.

In their 3,700 pages report, the researchers have selected 250 diseases and various types of injuries to cause death across the globe.

According to the report, some 1,88,560 Bangladeshi people died from cardiac arrest in 2016. The second and third causes of death are stroke and cancer respectively. Other diseases in the list of major causes of death are chronic lung disease (COPD), newborn death, low respiratory infection, diabetes, diarrheal diseases, road accidents and chronic kidney disease.

According to the global estimation, deaths of newborns and deaths due to lower respiratory infection will decrease by 2040 but the remaining seven diseases and road accidents will increase the death of people while cancer will cause be the main cause.

According to the report, some 8,47,890 people in Bangladesh died from around 250 types of diseases and various types of injuries in 2016. The researchers also predicted that in 2040 this number will be increased to 11,23,450 which means death will increase to 32 per cent.

Researchers say the nature of diseases is changing globally. Deaths due to infectious diseases are declining. However, incurable disease (cancer, heartburn, stroke, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, chronic lung diseases) and the deaths due to these are increasing.

In 2016, 70 per cent deaths in Bangladesh were due to non-communicable diseases and it will increase to 80 per cent in 2040, according to the study.

Unpredictable Cancer

According to the researchers, about 89,010 people died from 38 types of cancer in 2016 in Bangladesh and in 2040 the figure will be 1,68,840 which means death due to cancer will be increased by around 90 per cent. 38 types of cancer death statistics are detailed in this report.

Last month, the World Health Organization published their global report on cancer conditions where they said that about one hundred thousand people are killed in cancer in Bangladesh each year. And every year 1.5 million people are being infected with cancer.


Researchers have warned that several risks will lead to health conditions of the world to worsen. They mentioned 10 major risks for each country in the research documents. According to that smoking is at the top of the risk list of Bangladesh following high blood pressure.

Clean air is becoming scarce for Bangladeshi people, said the researchers adding that indoor air pollution and floating dust in the air are the second and third health risks while the increase of blood sugar is the fifth.

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