Thrice-former prime minister and BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has been has been moved back to the cabin again from the CCU after about two and a half hours.

BNP's media cell member Sayrul Kabir Khan confirmed the matter to UNB.

Earlier, the BNP chairperson was admitted to the CCU at Evercare Hospital in Dhaka's Bashundhara Residential Area around 9:00 pm on Saturday due to her health condition, he added.

Khaleda Zia has undergone several tests, including ECG and X-rays. The results of these tests are under review, said a doctor of her medical board wishing to be anonymous.

This is not the first time Khaleda Zia has been admitted to the CCU for a brief period. After some health examinations, she has been taken back to her cabin in the past. Her current health status is a matter of concern, and her medical board is closely monitoring her condition. Any sudden deterioration in her health is a cause for worry.

In response to a query, one of the doctors mentioned that Khaleda Zia, due to her physical weakness, is reluctant to take many medications. She is also on saline and requires regular injections. Two days ago, there was a slight improvement in her hemoglobin levels, but it has since decreased. They are making efforts to control her diabetes with insulin.

The doctor also mentioned that they are trying to manage liver issues with various antibiotics, but a permanent solution seems unlikely without a liver transplant. Various medical reports have been obtained, and the board is constantly revising the treatment plan based on these reports. Several tests are being conducted at multiple hospitals. The board is making every effort to address her complex health issues.

Beside BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia's bedside, her daughter-in-law, Sharmin Rahman Sathi, continues to provide her support. She cooks meals for her from their residence in Gulshan. Khaleda Zia, aged 79, is currently suffering from kidney, respiratory, heart issues, and liver complications. On the night of August 9, she was admitted to Evercare Hospital for a thorough health checkup. Under the guidance of specialist Dr Shahabuddin Talukdar and a 19-member medical board, she is receiving extensive medical attention.

The situation remains fluid, and her health condition is being closely monitored. More updates will be provided as the medical board continues to assess her condition.

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