With music in his heart, Asif Iqbal wants to share his knowledge with youths countrywide

Asif Iqbal, a corporate professional and renowned lyricist with so many inspiring stories in his bag, always bears a feeling of dissatisfaction in his mind that he has not been able to deliver on his potential pushing him to work relentlessly to do something for greater good.

"This drives me hugely. I never say this. But I always feel I could have done many more things. This feeling of dissatisfaction doesn't allow me to waste time," said the professional who sees a better Bangladesh through the eyes of youngsters.

In an interview with Dhaka Courier, Asif said he thinks he can take much rest in his life hereafter though he gets tired of doing what he wants to achieve. "Yet, I say Klanti Amai Khoma Koro Probhu (Almighty, forgive my tiredness). I must continue to focus on what I'm doing. That's the only thing I'm meant for."

He shared on how he made his presence meaningful during his attachment with American Express, Unilever, Aktel (now Robi) and how his story of success became widespread around the corporate world.

Asif, who refused the offer to become a lecturer of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka University, said he has a plan to visit 500 upazilas of the country to inspire youths.

"I'll inspire youths by sharing the knowledge that I've so that they can jumpstart overcoming difficulties. I think 2019 would be the year though the fourth quarter of the outgoing year 2018 should have been the year," said the Executive Director (Marketing) at Meghna Group of Industries.

Asif, who believes music comes from the heart, said music has always been instrumental if they talk about anti-British Movement, 1952 Language Movement and glorious 1971 Liberation War.

Keeping those historic moments in mind, the songwriter said he wants to take Bangla music to global stage engaging young talents.

"No other cultural form can inspire in such an extensive way the way music does. Every moment, it has the ability to touch the emotions of listeners and viewers. So, we want to keep up the spirit," said the founder of Gaanchill Music which has so far brought many hits like 'Jhoom', 'Local Bus', 'Beyainshab' and many more.

"The basic thing is that I want to take Bangla music to the world and inspire people through songs. That's why you'll see a youthful diversity in Gaanchill," said Asif who penned hit songs for almost all top singers in Bangladesh.

He, however, acknowledged that it is very costly because the entire environment of the music industry is not that good. "Gaanchill wants to create a model so that both music and artistes survive."

The lyricist who penned hit songs like Durunto Meye, Anonna (sung by James in 1988), Maa (sung by Rashed) and popular theme song Dekha Hobe Bijoy-e, still feels something is missing as he is yet to write songs for three prominent singers Runa Laila, Sabina Yasmin and Tapan Chowdhury.

"In fact, I'm seriously trying to do a couple of songs for him (Tapan Chowdhury). I hope, it'll be done," said Asif who thinks writing song is the only thing that he can relate himself with music.

Asked about his feeling as listeners still listen to songs that he penned three decades ago, Asif said, "The entire credit goes to almighty Allah."

About his popularity as a corporate professional, Asif who occasionally teaches in prominent universities said, "I'm just a professional. I don't know whether I'm popular or an icon. I try to remain very humble."

As a professional, he suggests, "You've to love, you've to do something for your dear ones, something for yourself. And you've to understand that I'm nothing once I don't have the job. That fear can drive you to do better."

For him, Asif adds, professional life is a serious place where he has to contribute and cast impacts on people positively. "That's the way I look at my profession. Passion and profession - it's really tough to manage these two things together. But, I never give up the hope."

Shedding lights on leadership qualities, Asif said the key thing is to have desire. "You must have the desire to achieve. Leadership means sacrifice instead of highhandedness."

He thinks love in heart and dream to chase can bring positive outcomes. "If love prevails, if there's desire to live despite having a feeling of dissatisfaction, things get simple."

Born in Nalapara, Chattogram, Asif belongs to a renowned family - his father was a physician, a freedom fighter, a politician and a former member of parliament. His father was Deputy Commander of Sector One during the Liberation War and mother was a social worker and politician.

Being inspired by his brother and sister, music got rooted in his heart, said Asif adding, "I had a great desire to sing but I felt that's not my piece of cake."

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