Haider A Khan, professor of economics at the University of Denver, has said Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Greatest Bangalee of all time, not only struggled for establishing the Bangalee nation but also for humankind.

"Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman fought not for just one nation but for all of humankind. In his death, his life shines brighter than ever," the professor said during a public lecture delivered at the National Planning and Development Academy in Dhaka on February 15.

The lecture titled "From Bangabandhu to Biswabandhu: Towards Global Liberation Through Public Reasoning" was organised by Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA).

"The most significant speeches of Bangabandhu are also an attempt to present both the objective and the subjective factors that led to the independence of Bangladesh on 16th December 1971," Prof Khan pointed out.

Emphasizing on Bangabandhu's political courage and capacity and his uncompromising stance for the oppressed people, the professor said, "It's up to us and the succeeding generations to apply the principles that he left behind flexibly, wisely and cooperatively to avert the third global crisis and move towards a brighter future for generations to come."

Prof Khan pointed out how Bangabandhu symbolically embodied the aspirations of the Bangalee nation and fought for its self-determination.

Three historical speeches of Bangabandhu, in 1970, 1971 (March 7) and 1974 (UNGA) were accurately translated and presented to the international audience by the economist to reinforce how the political ideas, strategies and tactics of Bangabandhu were relevant to his noble cause. "Looking back and reading all three speeches carefully in historical context, we can see why Bangabandhu was unique, a true friend and leader of his own people."

Bangabandhu was an emotionally mature, considerate and courageous human being who valued democratic aspirations of Bangalees, Prof Khan stated.

Had Bangabandhu not been assassinated, he said, Bangladesh's per capita income would have been higher long ago and the inequality between the rich and the poor would have been far lower than it is now.

Prof Khan called for more in-depth research to unearth the political masterminds who orchestrated the brutal killing of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman along with his family.

Professor Abul Barakat, president of BEA, presided over the event while Dr Jamaluddin Ahmed, BEA general secretary and chairman of Janata Bank Limited, was present on the occasion.

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