Six people were murdered everyday on average in the first month of the new year, the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission (BHRC) said on Thursday.

A BHRC report documented 185 killings in January alone.

'Social violence' claimed most lives (64), followed by deaths under unclear circumstances (36), killing by law enforcement agencies (18) and family violence (17), according to the report. Nine political murders were also documented.

"Such killings are [indicative] of a worsening law and order situation," the organisation said.

In this month, 10 victims were murdered after rape. BHRC also recorded 40 incidents of rape and three incidents of sexual torture during this period.

Meanwhile, BHRC said 263 people were killed in road accidents across the country while 19 others took their own lives in January.

The organisation gathered information from different districts, upazilas and municipalities as well as various reports run by national dailies. The report was compiled with the assistance of the International Human Rights Commission.

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