The European Union (EU) will send a four-member experienced observer team in November to monitor the 12th national parliamentary election.

The team will leave the country after the end of the election.

The announcement was made at a meeting held at the residence of EU Ambassador to Bangladesh Charles Whiteley on Sunday, said Awami League presidium member Muhammad Faruk Khan.

The meeting was attended by ten European Union countries' representatives, including the EU ambassador.

Mentioning that the EU has sought to know the Awami League's thoughts on the upcoming election, Muhammad Faruk Khan said, "EU members wanted to know what we are thinking. We have said that the election will be held according to our constitution."

Faruk Khan said, "Today's talks have proved that they want a fair election in Bangladesh, which we also want. They also wanted to know what we would do for a fair election."

Claiming that there was no discussion about BNP, the Awami League leader said, "But we think BNP is a responsible political party and we hope they will come to the next election."

However, Awami League presidium member Faruk Khan said that the discussion included no talks about any dialogue.

"Members of the European Union also want to know how we will run the country if we win the next election. We have informed them that they will get the answer to that question in our election manifesto," he said.

Awami League presidium member Muhammad Faruk Khan led the meeting on behalf of the party while International Secretary Shammi Ahmed, Information and Research Secretary Selim Mahmud, Executive Members Tarana Halim, Nirmal Chatterjee, International Sub-Committee Members Sohrab Hossain, Tariq Hasan Sami and Khaled Masud Ahmed were also present.

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