Online streaming platform Chorki, which has recently garnered tremendous response as one of the leading OTT (over-the-top) platforms in Bangladesh, is stepping towards its third year.

The platform officially began its journey on July 12, 2021, during the challenging periods of the Covid-19 global pandemic - a time when OTT platforms became a premier medium of entertainment for audiences.

According to Chorki, the platform has released more than 80 original content within these two years of its journey. The platform not only worked with senior and renowned directors but also came into the spotlight numerous times featuring many notable works of newcomers, an approach that has also been discussed and appreciated in the entertainment industry.

In the second year, the original series 'Guti', 'Internship', 'Myself Allen Swapan', as well as the original movies such as 'Unish 20', 'Antonagar', 'Dui Diner Duniya' have been well received by the audience.

Besides, Chorki also received enormous appraisal from both audiences and critics for its original movies 'Taan', 'Redrum', 'Ei Muhurte' and series 'Shaaticup', 'Syndicate', 'Unoloukik', 'Jago Bahe' and more.

Regarding its two years journey, acclaimed television director and Chief Executive Officer of Chorki, Redwan Roni, highlighted the various difficulties and situations at the beginning of the platform.

'We entered this space with the conviction that we will present Bengali content like never before and we will make it the capital equivalent of Bengali content in the world. It feels great to think that in just two years, we've come a long way towards that dream."

Redwan also said, 'We are blessed with the love, success and acceptance Chorki has received from the audience in these two years. All these are possible because of Chorki's great content. With the contribution of Chorki's entire team, sponsors, and well-wishers, our journey has become easier and smoother."

Chorki can be explored from smart TV, mobile phone, tab, and laptop through its app and website. Chorki subscriptions are bought and enjoyed by viewers from all over the world using 31 currencies from 198 countries.

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