The issue is, indeed has been for ages, of critical importance for the country. Ensuring efficient medical services for citizens is a theme that has always been emphasized. We observe that political leaders in the country down the years have always urged doctors in the country to ensure proper treatment for patients and deal with them in friendly and compassionate manner while giving them treatment. At every opportunity, they have reminded the physicians of the fact that the medical profession is not only a noble profession but those involved with the profession have the rare opportunity to earn money and simultaneously serve the common people. Now, the question may arise as to why the political leadership has had to make such assertions which are known to all and more particularly when doctors certainly have a clear understanding of their profession and responsibilities.

It is for sure that our politicians have not been expressing their views without reason. Yes, it is true that such awareness about the noble job is there among many, if not most, of the doctors of the country. And there is also no denying the fact that many philanthropic physicians go beyond the call of duty and become embodiments of selflessness by sacrificing their personal life to readily care for the larger groups of people in society. Unfortunately, though, the cases are not similar all the time. There are many instances of doctors to whom the profession is a means for making money only; rendering proper treatment to those who seek their services is not that important to them.

There has been a longstanding as well as widespread allegation against doctors at government hospitals --- that a good number of them are engaged in dual practices, meaning they are involved in private practice either in their private chambers or in private hospitals apart from doing their government jobs. Such behaviour not only violates their commitment to government service but their patients too are often deprived of the desired healthcare from them. There is always a question with regard to the way our doctors behave with their patients. Besides, it is often observed that doctors, mostly in public hospitals, bring the entire healthcare service at their respective hospitals to a halt, thus putting the lives of hundreds of patients under threat for spurious reasons, which is a clear breach of professional ethics and a blatant violation of patients' human rights.

It goes without saying that we are all well aware of the situation, which is why we keep focusing on the issue. It is our expectation that our physicians and all other people involved with medical practices will abide by their professional ethics and make their noble professions even nobler.

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