Pakistan on the Brink: A Civilizational Quest, written by Waliur Rahman is a masterpiece that exposes the chilling depths of Pakistan's shattered existence, dysfunctional government, decaying judiciary, and a ruthless military rule with an iron fist.

With each turn of the page, former Pakistani diplomat Waliur Rahman uncovers the intricate webs of corruption that have entangled Pakistan's governance. He shines a piercing light on the once-revered institutions of justice, exposing their decay and their complicity in perpetuating the nation's downfall. You will be left astounded by the shocking revelations of how justice has been forsaken and the rule of law turned into a mere illusion.

In this spine-chilling expose, the author discloses the reality that plunged the nation into a nightmarish abyss, a state in crisis. The state has always been a mystery wrapped inside an enigma even for those who vouch for it. Dream of Muhammad Ali Jinnah of Pakistan continues to shrink because of the policies of the successive regimes that ruled Pakistan. Aspiration of the people of Pakistan could not be transformed into a working democracy largely because of interference from its powerful military (P- 17). Army has such a dominant influence on domestic politics of Pakistan that it can be compared to a garrison state (P-34, 170). Military is the most powerful institution of the state. State within a state where the state of Pakistan is only a shadow of the hidden state (P-74). Pakistan army never won a war nor lost an election (P-175). With the direct and indirect support of the state machinery, Pakistan became the epicenter of terrorism (P-33).

As Rahman exposes the darkest corners of Pakistan's judiciary, you'll find yourself entangled in a web of compromised justice and forgotten ideals. The scales of truth have been weighted down, blurring the line between right and wrong. Brace yourself as he unravels shocking secrets and unveils the harrowing truth behind a justice system in tatters. But amidst the chaos and despair, a flicker of hope emerges. Rahman's vivid storytelling illuminates the untold stories of those who refuse to surrender to the darkness. Discover the tales of unsung heroes, everyday citizens who dare to challenge the status quo and fight for a better future. Their resilience and unwavering spirit will leave you breathless, igniting a flame of hope in even the most desolate of circumstances.

Drawing upon extensive research, insider knowledge, and years of profound observation, Waliur Rahman presents - in thirteen chapters with references, appendices, bibliography and index - an honest and insightful account of Pakistan's troubled path. Through meticulous analysis, he examines the political landscape, judicial shortcomings, and the influence of the military on the nation's affairs, allowing readers to grasp the full scope of the situation. Prepare to witness the true face of power as it reveals its most sinister form. Dare to face the demons that haunt Pakistan's past, present, and future. The battle for redemption awaits.

Is Pakistan a Security State? If yes, why and how? Why judiciary and bureaucracy cannot work independently? Is Pakistan a garrison state? How terrorist outfits like LET and JEM became an integral part of Pakistan Security Policy? Based on assiduous research Waliur Rahman attempts to answer some of these questions. Impeccably researched and brilliantly narrated, Pakistan on The Brink: A Civilizational Quest is a must-read yet of the turning point in Pakistan history.

Author: Research Director, Bangladesh Heritage Foundation

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