After winning a gut wrenching war suffering heavy loses what do we do? Celebrate! Quite not, as the threat of the dead rising is averted, every soul in Winterfell is with the ones who did not survive. A fairy tale fiction would have wrapped up the episode with vibe of unity to defeat the ultimate evil. However, the epic fantasy drama stands right at the opposite direction.

Touted 'Last of the Starks', fourth episode of Game of Thrones begins with a tear-jerking speech from Jon Snow alias Aegon Targareyn as the survivors of the battle of Winterfell bid adieu to all those who died fighting for the living. Shortly afterwards they are seen partying hard (finally the celebration part). Daenerys toasting for Arya, the Night King-slayer; giving away Storms End to Gendry, now a Lord...all sounds like gestures out of pure admiration except no, the mother of dragon is doing all she can to restrict people with a claim to the iron throne from extending their arms to gain.

Ironically, her lover/nephew Jon, who has the strongest claim on the throne, seems to getting all the attention of northerners. Dany shows visible grudge against that fact and confronts Jon. He once again assured her that he has no interest in that although mentioning that he will spill the bean about his true origin to the remaining Stark siblings. In different rooms of castle of Winterfell, drama unfolds among couples. A drinking game leaves Brianne upset enough which brought her closer to Jaime. In stark (!) contrast, Gendry despite asking for Arya's hand for marriage gets rejected.

Following day, the team revises the battle plan against Cersei. Despite Sansa's warning, Dany is determined to leave for Dragonstone and quickly move his troops lead by Jon. Under the fateful weirwood tree, stark siblings alongside Jon gather discussing their distrusts about Daenerys. Jon defends Dany's actions and finally confronting with his origin. Yes he acknowledges the fact of being a Targaryen, the last male one with the strongest claim on throne. We were yet to see their reactions as the scene quickly jumps to an awkward reunion of Lannister brothers with their former acquaintance Bronn. Threatening both of them with a crossbow, he gains their promise of getting Highgarden on the contrary of the Riverrun, as reward offered by Cersei for killing both of them.

An eventful day passes as Arya leaves the castle for Kings Landing only to meet Sandor Clegane as her companion. Sansa in a twisted scene informs Tyrion about Jon's true parentage. While both of them overlook Jon's emotional encounter before heading out for Kings Landing with Tormund, Sam, Gilly and his long time company, Ghost, who is given away to Tormund to be in the real North.

In a short conversation in Dany's fleet, Varys and Tyrion discuss the future of Westeros both being aware of Jon's claim to the throne. Varys is seen reconsidering his choice to install Dany as the ruler. While Tyrion still want to put faith on her, Varys seems unlikely. Their schemes are cut short when Euron Greyjoy lurking the harbor kills Rhaegal, one of the two remaining dragons with the scorpion. Failing to kill the last dragon, Euron and crew devastates the fleet. Only few of the crew survives and Missandei ends up captured by Euron.

An infuriated Dany decides to rage upon Kings Landing only to be pacified by her advisers and decides to pursue Cersei for surrender. Varys now seemingly keen to install Jon instead of Daenerys as the ruler of the seven kingdoms rejects Tyion's proposal of getting Jon and Dany married.

Back in WInterfell, upon learning the evil doings of Cersei, Jaime decides to leave everything behind to reach to her with unknown motives. Despite Brianne's desperation he rides away to his sister/former lover.

In the final shots, Daenrys with his two advisers Tyrion and Varys accompanied by Greyworm and his unsullied force confronts Cersei, as cold as ever. Tyrion tries his best to talk the madness out of Cersei in order to evade following bloodshed. Cersei ignoring every call from his sibling executes Missandei in front of her closest friend and lover. As the Mountain decapitates her Daenerys, even more furious and hurt zooms to her dragon. Dracarys it is! Whatever happens in the remaining two episodes is anyone's guess.

The fifth episode of Game of Thrones Season eight will air on May 13.

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