As all good things come to an end, it is time to bid adieu to one of if not the best television series of all time, Game of Thrones. Despite the harsh criticism it faced for the past two seasons, the ending we got was redeeming to some extent.

After running for a long eight years, the Westerosi epic fantasy saga finally came to an end airing 73 episodes altogether through eight seasons. Showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss took the liberty to direct the last episode, 'The Iron Throne'.

The 80 minutes spanned episode started with Tyrion, the only surviving Lannister wandering around the thrashed Kings Landing full of rubbles and burned bodies. The shock and awe is very much lively both in his expression and the surroundings. Later he enters the Red Keep to check whether his siblings Jaime and Cersei managed to escape or not. To his utmost pain, he finds both of them dead in each other's arms crushed under the bricks in dungeon. Despite the cruelty of Cersei a crying Tyrion shows how much they meant to him, especially Jaime.

Jon Snow, Ser Davos and remaining Northern bannermen run into the Unsullied executing the prisoned Lannister army. Although they could not prevent the slaughtering, it is clear that the tension is higher than ever before among the winners of the battle. Jon rushes to find Daenerys while being closely followed by Arya.

Daenerys Targaryen arrives flying her dragon at the steps of Red Keep to pitch a victory address. Claiming her fight is not over until she 'liberates' every city from oppressors from 'Winterfell to Dorne' (!). Her megalomaniac change visibly concerns everyone except her army of Dothrakis and the Unsullied. Tyrion approaches Dany and immediately accused of treason. Tyrion never denies it but he justifies it comparing with Dany's actions. 'Freed a brother' to 'slaughtering a city', argues Tyrion. Daenerys seems indifferent about it and gets him arrested after he throws away the 'Hand' pin.

So far Dany's ultimate descend into madness is clear threat to the safety of seven kingdoms. Jon alias Aegon Targaryen is not too happy about it. Who would have thought approving all her murders in the name of justice will turn her into the final villain of the show?

While confronting an imprisoned Tyrion, he asks Jon to kill Daenerys, but Jon won't have it. Tyrion warns about what Daenerys will do to Jon, the rightful heir to the throne, and his sisters, who know he's the rightful heir. Sansa will never bend the knee, he warns. Tyrion reminds again that Jon still has a 'choice'.

In the torn down throne room, Daenerys, in an identical vision in season 2, surveys the Iron Throne. She grabs hold of one of the Iron Throne's swords while Jon approaches her pleading for Tyrion's release. Dany refuses and silences Jon by assuring that she knows what is 'good' for the world.

Daenerys showed off her warmer side as she tried to bask in victory alongside Jon. After a warm kiss a helpless Jon stabs Daenerys, fulfilling the Azor Ahai prophecy in a way.

Daenerys' death also awoke Drogon. After realizing the 'Mother of Dragons' is dead, an infuriated Drogon fires up his dragonbreath and to our surprise melts down the Iron Throne, ending the symbol of oppression in Westeros. Instead of attacking Jon, Drogon flies away with Daenerys's body in claws.

After weeks passed by, the lords and ladies of Westeros is seen in Kings Landing where an imprisoned Tyrion is brought in front of them. Sansa, Arya, Davos and leaders of other houses decide the next plan of action to retain peace to the realm. Grey Worm, bitter about death of his queen demands execution of both Tyrion and Jon. Tyrion brushing him aside discusses the possible choice for a new ruler. And revealing another shocking moment, he names Bran Stark as the new ruler. Indeed, Bran the Broken is the keeper of 'stories' which bind kingdoms together. All the noble lords and ladies of seven kingdoms bend their knees to Bran except Sansa who demands independence of North. Bran grants and also elects Tyrion as his hand to 'fix' his mistakes.

Jon Snow as a mirroring approach is sentenced to serve the Nights Watch to make peace with the invading army. His meaningful conversation with Tyrion reveals change is coming to Westeros.

Arya decides to travel 'West of Westeros' instead of returning to Winterfell (a spin-off, maybe?). Sansa wears the crown of Winterfell as a crowd dubs her the Queen of the North. Ser Brienne is seen reading The Book of Brothers where she pens down about Jaime Lannister. Bronn, Davos and Samwell appointed to the small council discussing reparation of the kingdoms.

Jon Snow reunites with Tormund and Ghost. The team later embarks in an unknown journey north of the Wall where we see green grass is growing under the snow, hinting the 'dream' of Spring. It is to note that the first scene of Game of Thrones saw brothers of the Night's Watch travelling north of the wall. Mirroring that, the last ever shot of Game of Thrones was Jon, along with a group of free-folks, riding north of Castle Black into woods, leaving his story-arc fulfilled.

Despite a negative response worldwide for the final season, HBO finally pulled off the most expensive and widely reached TV series in the history. The final season has cumulatively and individually the lowest rating scores everywhere. The rush of the final season has translated into bad scripting and less than stellar character development in the end. Although, the ending partially saved it, longtime fans might not forgive D and D so easily. Love it or hate it everyone form the cast and crew to the fans worldwide are emotional to say Adios to Westeros. The epic world of fantasy will however continue to enchant the viewers with its prequel slated to release in coming years.

It is upto anyone's guess how the ending will be in the writer George RR Martin's coming two novels of the series. Till then, all hail king Bran the Broken! Long may he reign!

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