We are meeting again in these unprecedented times, when the entire world is in the throes of a pandemic quite unlike any that have gone before. Previously, such disasters occurred in a world not as tied to each other across different geographies and time zones, and most people all over were by and large left to their own devices in trying to deal with the situation. That is also why previously, pandemics did not go around the world with the speed and pervasiveness of the current one.

This time, the same interdependence that many would put forth as the great strength of the world we live in would seem to have turned out to be our downfall. But that does not mean we should turn our backs on the great fruits of human cooperation and collective effort. We must not turn our backs on the idea that that which unites us is still greater than what divides us. Hence, with necessity being the mother of invention, we have seen various innovations to allow us to hold on to our togetherness even in these unforeseen times.

The whole world shows us how the tools are available to us at this difficult time to not allow life to completely pass us by. Gallery Cosmos's first virtual art exhibition is part of those efforts, making best use of the happy coincidence of technological advancement. And we couldn't have had a better trio of artists than Alakesh Ghosh, Maqsuda Iqbal Nipa, and Biswajit Goswami to be featured in what will stand as a breakthrough event - a testament to our determination to hold on to what is most precious in our lives. And an appreciation of the constant beauty that art lends to our lives, is among the most precious things of all.

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