Director Tanvir Mokammel upcoming film will hopefully be released in the coming winter season. The film is on the history of leftist practitioners of Bangladesh and is titled "Rupsha Nodir Baak-E." Financed primarily by the government the film with a budget of 96 lac taka collected the rest of the money from individual contributors as Tanvir Mokammel is against corporate culture and thus corporate financing. The rest of the work will be completed after the cash still remaining to be gathered is collected. If everything goes well the production works will move into dubbing phase from July 1.

The film builds on a leftist politician who was murdered by war criminals in the Liberation War of 1971. The film has been shot in Baithaghata and Fultala, pastoral sub-districts of Khulna. Filming has also been done in Daulatpur Station and in Comilla. In major roles viewers will get to see veterans like Jahid Hasan Shovon, Khairul Alam Shabuj, Tausif Sadman Turjo, Ramendu Mazumdar, Ataur Rahman, Chitralekha Guha, Keramat Mawla, Jhuna Chowdhury and more. It has been reported that 90% of the film's shooting has been completed.

The film is about Manabratan Mukhopadhyay who witnesses Shadeshi Movement, Tevaga Movement during the British Period then ultimately falls in the Liberation War. Remaining unmarried he continues his struggle for the rights of poor in rural areas in Khulna throughout his lifetime. Tanvir Mokammel is hoping that his comeback film will be as popular as his previous ones have been. n

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