Showcasing the rich history of Bangladesh's illustrious silk industry as well as efforts to support and promote local designs, a three-day exclusive solo fashion exhibition titled 'Majestic Silks of Bangladesh Exhibition by Maheen Khan', is currently underway at the Nordic Club, Gulshan in the capital.

The solo design exhibition began on Tuesday (December 27, 2022), featuring some of the unique designs of eminent Bangladeshi fashion designer Maheen Khan, the founding president of the Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh (FDCB) and the founding managing director of Mayasir, a trend-setting brand that emphasizes the nation's traditional embroidery.

Sharing her motifs and visions with UNB regarding her major solo exhibition in a long time, Maheen Khan said that this event is proudly showcasing some of the exclusive, handmade crafts as a befitting tribute to the country's majestic silks.

"After a long period of time, I am showcasing some of my designs in a solo exhibition in the country. These collections are crafted with love, and the designs were developed in our Studio Mayasir and magnified on our local folk and textile heritage," Maheen Khan told UNB.

For the last couple of years, Maheen Khan participated in several group exhibitions at home and abroad as the founding president of FDCB. She has proudly displayed Bangladesh's handloom heritage by showcasing her unique creations at trade exhibits in a number of countries, including Malaysia, Switzerland, Thailand, the UK, and the USA, to name a few.

"The collections we are displaying here, ranging more than 80 of our different products from sarees to gowns, are entirely made of our own traditional handlooms, based on our own Bangladeshi heritage with a fusion of 'couture' style," Maheen Khan told UNB. "We attempted to reinvent and exhibit these handicrafts in a high-fashion manner so that our traditional clothing might appeal to those who, for example, have relied on wedding shopping from abroad."

"The sericulture industry in our country needs support from all corners of our society. This solo exhibition aims to help our handwoven silk industry, as well as the skilled artisans, sustain their livelihoods. In my opinion, this kind of exhibition may also financially benefit our women handloom weavers and eventually, their children especially the girls," Maheen Khan told UNB.

Back in November this year, FDCB arranged an exclusive fashion show titled 'Majestic Silks of Bangladesh' at Gulshan Lake Park in the capital, showcasing over 50 exclusive designs which are being exhibited in this exhibition. FDCB also organized the first-ever Bangladesh Couture Week last year featuring a number of top fashion designers.

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