Indian poets Biplab Majee and Tapas Maity honoured


Poetry recitation by Bangladeshi and Indian poets at Bangla Academy

Kathak, a platform for poetry has honoured two Indian poets Biplab Majee and Tapas Maity. Biplab Majee was honoured for his 50 years-long contribution to literature. The other recipient, Tapas Maity is a poet-cum-editor. They were honoured in a summit of poets from Medinipore, Pacchim Bangla, India and Bangladesh. Chief guest of the event was its organiser Bangladeshi noted poet Aminur Rahman, who is also president of Kathak. Under the titled ‘Jangalmahaler Kabita’, the event was held at Kabi Shamsur Rahman Auditorium, Bangla Academy in the city on October 27.

Poets from Bangladesh were Habibullah Shiraji, Jahidul Huq, Shahidullah Faraji, Jahangir Firoze, Dilara Mesbah, Tarik Sujat, Maksudul Ahsan, Shakib Lohani, Rahima Akhter Kalpana, Mustafa Pasha, Kamruzzaman, Reaz Ahmed, Ayesha Sharmeen Chowdhury and Aminur Rahman.

Poets from Medinipore were Biplab Majee, Prafulla Pal, Tapas Maity, Debabrata Bhattacharia, Bhabesh Basu, Paban Lodha, Uttam Kumar Pani, Kamalesh Nanda, Susanta Kumar Mondol and Anandarup Nayek.

At the event elocutionist Hasan Arif recited 10 poems written by Medinipore poets. Freedom Fighter and writer Habibul Alam Bir Pratik also spoke on the occasion.

Aminur Rahman in his speech expressed his heartiest welcome to the poets from the land of Khudiram Bose, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and more. He also said that poetry is not just words on pages, they are alive through their dealings with everything around us, through the oppositions of Romanticism and Classicism. He had invited everyone interested to take part in the summit and had hoped that the summit might shed light on creative hearts who were to take part in it.

Biplab Majee in his speech introduced the area called ‘Jangalmahal’ which was primarily focused in the summit by means of the participating poets of Medinipore and the poetry they brought. The present Medinipore, in the south-west of Pacchim Bangla existed as Jangalmahal during the Mughal and British reigns. The area is primarily occupied with indigenous people and people from the lower caste. For a long time in history it was under the curse of illiteracy. The western traditions introduced by Michael Madhusudan, Bankim Chandra and others could not rich the old Medinipore.

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