Country's acclaimed Gono Sangeet singer Fakir Ahmed turned 70 on February 21. He was born in February 21, 1950. After the Liberation War, he emerged as a Gono Sangeet singer.

Fakir Alamgir is one of the paramount figures of Gono Sangeet. Starting his music career in 1966, Fakir blended traditional folk music with western instruments. He has released several popular albums with foot-tapping numbers like 'O Sakhina', 'Shantahar' etc. Although Fakir Alamgir did not receive formal musical training, he joined the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra and rendered inspiring songs along with Abdul Jabbar, Kaderi Kibria, Apel Mahmud, Altaf Mahmud and others. In 1976, Fakir Alamgir founded the Gono Sangeet group 'Wrishiz Shilpi Gosthi'.

Fakir Alamgir's landmark songs include the Sokhina series that depicts the struggle between the needs and realities of two unparallel lives through a romantic relationship between the singer and a village girl. Alamgir's rendition, 'Daam diye kinechhi Bangla' is an epic track that stirs nostalgic patriotism. Some of his other notable songs are 'O Sokhina', 'Shantahar', 'Nelson Mandela', 'Naam Tar Chhilo John Henry' and 'Banglar Comrade Bondhu'. For his acclaimed contribution in Bengali music, Fakir Alamgir was honored with the Ekushey Padak, country's second-highest civilian award in 1999.

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