Razwanur Rahman receives Bangladesh Art Week Award

Under the title, "Creativity Competition- help to stop spread of COVID-19", Bangladesh Art Week (BAW) recently organised an art completion in the city. Niharika Momtaz is the founder of the Bangladesh Art Week, while Mohammed Mohsin is the co-founder.

Noted printmaker cum painter Mohammad Razwanur Rahman received the Bangladesh Art Week Award.

The painter asserted, "I consider myself as a responsible social person. In our society, man is supposed to go out for earning livelihood and to accommodate and support family. So, the risks to life facing men are greater than those faced by women. Still, we carry out our duties by relying on the Almighty, as He is the one to ask for help and we connect spiritually for His blessings.

In this time of pandemic, we have to maintain social distance and keep apart from each other by at least three feet. But due to severe population density, we are struggling to follow all the safety measures. We are washing hands frequently and cleaning clothes while ensuring secured journey from the roads to the home."

Razwanur Rahman is one of the earnest printmakers and has always involved himself with new thinking process. He is now working as a lecturer at Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology, but he delicately manages his time for painting.

Razwan's works is technically phenomenal. He has carefully done very details of the subject and his application of techniques is really superb. He likes to experiment with most of the mediums of printmaking and wants to explore the details of each medium---this is his passion and the medium has been keenly connected with his umbilical cord. But the artist has also given adequate time for painting.

Razwan always likes to play with subdued hue and his paintings accommodate with many tiny compositions and forms. He has a great fascination for geometric forms which have been hugely occupying his paintings. In variation of colours---sometimes he uses bright and sometimes he remains occupied with quiet colours. The painter has been greatly influenced by two famous Spanish painters Antoni Tàpies and Joan Miró.

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