Music Legend Ayub Bachchu was laid to rest on October 20 beside his mother's grave at Chaitanya Gali in Chattogram fulfilling his wish to rest beside his mother after death. On the day another musical maestro Bappa Mazumder paid a special tribute to Ayub Bachchu.

Bappa has put the tune of Ayub Bachchu's hugely popular song "Ferari E Monta Amar" on guitar and uploaded the guitar composition on his facebook profile. The tune has been published with the title 'Tribute to Great AB." The song was composed during emotional struggles Ayub Bachchu was facing at a point of seclusion in his life. At that point Ferdous Ayub Chandana, now his widow, was still the beloved of his dream and not life partner. Chandana was then barred from meeting Ayub Bachchu by her parents. Sad moments at that time fuelled him to compose the song "Ferari E Monta Amar."

On the facebook post Bappa writes, "This is my expression of love, respect and gratitude to big brother Ayub Bachchu for his contributions to Bangla music. His large amount of creative productions has enriched our Bangla music, made us feel proud as a nation."

He further adds, "Thank You Boss for your music. We will remember you till our last breath. Take our Salam." Ayub Bachchu passed away on October 18 at the age of 56. He has left behind his wife, two children and a host of admirers.

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