January 4 marked the 67th founding anniversary of Bangladesh Asiatic Society. Marking this historic day Asiatic Society Heritage Museum, the first museum to showcase the history and heritage of Old Dhaka, has been opened for the general people. At the inaugural ceremony president of Asiatic Soicety, Professor Mahfuza Khanam; chief research coordinator of the museum, Professor Sharif Uddin Ahmed; Professor Dr Jebunnesa of the Department of Public Administration, Jahangirnagar University; Alhaj Md Jalal Uddin Nalua were present among others. Apart from historical specimens of Old Dhaka the museum also hosts pieces of Bangladesh since the early modern period.

On the inaugural day the museum was kept open till 2pm. Professor Mahfuza Khanam launched the visiting hours while buying fifty entry tickets, each worth 20 Tk. Professor Sharif Uddin Ahmed too bought the same amount of tickets and distributed them among the present visitors. Dr Jebunnesa delivered 2 historical pieces while Alhaj Md Jalal Uddin Nalua delivered one piece as gifts to the museum.

The museum has been erected on the base of the historic Nimtali Palace of Old Dhaka. The 250-year old edifice had already lost its main structure before renovation work began. During 2009-11 as part of celebration of "Four Hundred Years of Dhaka City" the Ministry of Cultural Affairs undertook initiatives to protect the remainder of the palace. But due to carelessness that part also started to get weak. Thus, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh came forward with the plan to establish a museum on the remaining part of the palace and also uphold as a center of knowledge and research. Artifacts and historical pieces chiefly from Old Dhaka since 1700 have been stored in the museum. Ticket prices for general audience have been fixed at 20 Tk. Discount rate for students is 10 Tk while for foreigners the rate is 200 Tk.

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