United News of Bangladesh (UNB) Editor-in-Chief Enayetullah Khan and Director Nahar Khan have participated in discussions that delved into the use of technology to enhance business performance in media.

The two-day-long AsiaNet Board Meeting and Forum started at 9 am at Carlton City Hotel in Singapore on Monday (October 23, 2023).

The biannual board meeting included representatives from member organisations.

At the event, Director Nahar Khan made a presentation on UNB's technology-driven strategies, highlighting the use of technology for data insights, customer experience enhancement, process automation, social media engagement, and the exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

During her presentation, Nahar Khan highlighted how UNB, as a leading news agency in Bangladesh, is embracing technology - particularly use of AI - while remaining cautiously aware of the challenges like misinformation it brings along.

"With the widespread use of AI, there has been a surge in misinformation that needs proactive gatekeeping. Innovations such as deepfakes and chatbots also pose a credibility challenge. At UNB, constant focus is given to fact-checking and news verification to combat these challenges," she said.

The overarching theme of the event was "Embracing Technology and Innovation."

UNB Editor-in-Chief Enayetullah Khan took part in a panel discussion along with Bruce Davidson of Medianet, Pannee Yongpiyakul of dataxet, and Cao Yang of Xinhua - focusing on how each organisation uses technology to improve business performance. The discussion was moderated by Amrita Sidhu.

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